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India being a country full of wonders and heritages, attracts millions of tourists from all around the world each year. So have you ever thought about visiting these wonders and coming to India? Hola! Just get your visa and fly over to India!! So have you already applied for an Indian visa as well and now worried about how to track India visa status? Well, dear! There's no need to worry about, here we will provide you all the necessary guidance. 

Indian Visa Application Tracking system

There are basically so many ways to check your visa status. If you have applied through any agent or any online travel website, you can ask them and they will provide you with all your desired information. Or if you have applied through us, Tourist Visa Online, you can track India visa status with application id and passport number. If you have applied via any embassy, you yourself can track your visa online on the Government website.

Now here you will get to fill the blanks. 

1.Application ID

2.Passport Number

Now, here comes your question, what is your application Id? Ok, so your answer depends on two basics - what kind of visa have you applied for? Is it a regular visa or an e-Visa? Let's discuss both visas. 

Regular Visa: In case of a regular Indian visa you can easily use “Visa status inquiry” to track your visa. And here, the application id is the id that will uniquely identify your visa and that will be provided on the email, issued by the travel agent or agency or website, through which you have submitted your visa appointment. 

e-Visa: If you have applied for an e-Visa, you can easily track your visa online. If you apply India visa with then you will get an email with your application id, you can refer that application id for track India visa status.

● Now, what about the passport number? Well, you will get it on your passport. 

Validate the Authenticity of India Visa:

Dear applicant if you are not sure about your visa validity, there's nothing to worry about. Here we will provide you everything you need to know in order to learn about your visa validity. This answer will also come in two different prospects - Regular Visa and e-Visa. 

Regular Visa: 

Here is the picture of a regular Indian tourist visa. You can easily see that they provide you all the required information on the card like, 

○ Visa type, which is the tourist visa type. 

○ The number of entries, that is multiple in the above case. 

○ Date of visa issued and date of visa expiry. Now the thing you need to note is, with the date of expiry, the validity of your visa expires, so you can't use it again without reissuing. 

■ Regular Visas also have various kinds with different validities and entries. 

■ You can apply for a 180 days tourist visa, or business visa or visa with 5 years validity, and so on. 


The above-given picture is a sample of an Indian e-Visa. This also provides you with all your desired information. Those are: 

○ e-Visa type, that is an e-Tourist Visa here. 

○ No. of entries, which is multiple here as well. But you can apply for a single entry or multiple entry visas whatever you want. 

○ Then comes the date of issue and the date of expiry. The expiry date basically indicates the end of your stay in India. 

■ You can apply for various kinds of e-Visas with different validities, like 180 days tourist visa, 180 days business visa, 3 days transit visa, 60 days medical visa, and so on. 

So basically now you have a clear concept on how you can track your visa application or validity of the visa. You have already got your doubts almost clear I guess. Now here are some basic frequently asked questions to clear all your queries. 


Q. How long does a visa application take to proceed?

A. If you have applied for e-Visa, it'll take around 3-5 days and if you have applied for a regular visa, it will take much longer.

Q. How can I check if my visa application is approved or not?

A. You need to check your visa status in that case. You can check it via this link: by providing the required information. If you have read the above article, I hope you got all your answers.

Q. My visa status shows under process, now what should I do?

A. Calm down, your visa application is proceeding. It may take time but there's nothing to worry about. In this situation, all you have to do is wait.

Q. What is the validity of Indian e-Visa?

A. Indian e-Visa have different types with different validities. But the basic validity of an e-Visa is 365 days

Q. How long is my visa valid for? 

A. It depends on what type of visa you have applied for. Basic visa validity is 365 days but you can get visas with different validities like 60 days or 180 days or even 5 years as well. 

I hope now you have no more queries left about the Indian visa application tracking system or validate the authenticity of the Indian visa. So get your visa and fly over to India. To know more about Indian Visa Policy.

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