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The nation India,  in South-Central Asia that involves most of the Indian subcontinent. The country has borders with more than 5 nations and also one of the biggest mountain range Himalayas with seas covering the continent as well. India is one of the most crowded nations on the planet, with an expected populace of 1.36 billion individuals year 2019. The nation is partitioned into 29 states and seven Union Territories. Here we are going to discuss the Documents required for India visa.

With a zone of 3,287,263 km, India is the seventh biggest nation on the planet, around 33% the size of the USA. The capital and biggest metropolitan region of India is Delhi; then one of the biggest city is Mumbai. The official dialects are Hindi, Urdu, and English.

About Visa

A visa is an official archive that permits the conveyor to legitimately enter an unfamiliar nation. The visa is generally stepped or stuck into the conveyor's identification. There are some different types of visas, each of which keeps the cost of the applicant multiple rights in the host country. 

The India e-Visa is an electronic approval to go to India for business, the travel industry, or clinical visits. While applying for indian visa, it isn't important to give your identification or some other record to the department. Everything is done on the web. 

The e-Visa ownership will be given before time through electronic ways before your take off to India. At the migration checkpoint the genuine visa will be set inside your identification.

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The  visitor visa for india  is an online travel authorisation to make a trip to the nation for the travel industry purposes. With an e-Tourist Indian visa, the applicant is permitted a stay of as long as 90 days, except for Japan, Canada, the US, and the UK, whose residents are conceded a 180-day constant remain. 

This visa in India was made by the Indian Government in 2014. Each one of the individuals who are qualified and wish to head out to and inside India are needed to have a legitimate e-Visa India upon landing in a port of passage. The e-Tourist visa for India can be utilized for the accompanying reasons: 

The travel industry 

Meeting companions/family members.


The eVisa for business purposes in India is an eVisa intended for voyagers wish to visit India for business purposes. This electronic travel approval is a twofold section visa that gives a stay of as long as 180 days in the nation. The  indian visa fees is on the website. Qualified voyagers can apply for the e-Business visa for India for any of the accompanying reasons: 

  • For deals  /buys or exchange 
  • To go to specialized / conferences 
  • To set up mechanical / undertaking 
  • To lead visits 
  • To convey lecture(s) 
  • To enroll labor 
  • To take an interest in shows or business / exchange fairs 
  • Master / expert regarding a continuous undertaking.


A travel visa is conceded for the sole reason for empowering the holder to go through India to arrive at heir definitive objective. Change of direction isn't permitted. The visa will usually be substantial for a solitary / twofold excursion and for passage inside 15 days of date of issue. The Transit visa is legitimate for direct travel just for a greatest time of 3 days. For a stay in India past 3 days, a fitting visa should be acquired. 

If you don't mind note that the legitimacy of the visa starts from the date of issue by the High Commission of India definitely not from date of movement on your application structure. 

The broadness of the visa is main point of attention for Issuing Authority. All visa charges once paid are non-refundable independent of the result of the visa application and length conceded.

You can always check indian visa status on our website Tourist Visa Online.

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Requirements for applying Indian visa

There are few documents that you need when you are filling the application form. Following is the explanation of documents or important points you need to know while filling the form-

  • Visa structure of application.
  • The computerized photo to be transferred alongside the visa application should complete the accompanying - The stature and width of the photograph must be equivalent. Photograph should introduce full face, front view, eyes open. 
  • The passport of applicant must have a base legitimacy of a half year from the date of use with at any rate two clear pages. 
  • Confirmation of Indian citizenship. 
  • Duplicate of naturalization endorsement. 
  • Confirmation of address. 
  • For under 18 : Photocopy of birth endorsement.
  • The india e visa cost is on the website


While these are all the documents you need, there are some additional documents required for a business visa.

The documents are as follows

  • Duplicate of a business card. 
  • Any letter of greeting if pertinent from Indian gatherings that wish you direct the business which is discretionary that is optional.

When clicking a picture, there are some important points that should be kept in mind because uploading a bad or unclear photo will cause the application to reject completely or it could result in more time consumption and delay in getting a visa.

Following are the particulars to be kept in mind while clicking and uploading a picture-

  • The picture should be in JPEG format.
  • The size should be  10 KB at least or 1 MB at the most
  • The tallness and width of the Photo must be equivalent. 
  • The photograph should introduce full face, straight view, eyes opened widely and without exhibitions 
  • Focus head inside edge and present full head from the highest point of hair to the lower part of the jaw 
  • The foundation should be plain light shaded or white foundation 
  • Without fringes 
  • Examined Bio Page of the identification demonstrating the Photograph and Details 
  • The format of the picture should be PDF
  •  The size should be 10 KB at the most or 300 KB at the most.

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Best way is to apply for Indian visa online is definitely via Tourist Visa Online

These were the Documents required for India visa.

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