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The most necessary thing any foreigner needs to enter into any country is Visa and passport. There are many different kinds of India Visa. On the basis of basic formats, Indian Visa can be divided into two types - Regular Indian visa and e-Visa. Regular visa is a basic traditional visa, whereas e-Visa is an electronic visa. So let's discuss everything about regular Indian visa vs e-visa. 

About Indian e-Visa: To apply Indian visa, you first need to have a clear concept on it. So here are the details of Visas granted by India. 

Firstly, to legally enter into any city, you need to provide a passport and visa. And your passport needs to have a validity of six months beyond the validity of the design visa. 


 There are multiple types of e-visas, the basic types are 

○ 180 days tourist e-visa 

○ 180 days business e-visa 

○ 3 days transit e-visa 


About Indian Regular Visa: There are some important things you need to learn about, in order to know what Indian Regular Visa is! Those are

 If you don't want to apply for an online e-Visa, we can go for a regular visa. This will also provide you with almost the same facilities. 

● These visas come with a single entry or a multiple entry facility in a year too. 

● The e-Visa procession takes basically around 3-5 days. 

● The e-Visa duration usually lasts around 3-5 years. Though citizens of the USA can have a validity of 10 years as well. 

● So are you from outside of India with a non-Indian origin? Well, no need to worry about anything!! To travel to India, you just need to be 18 years old!! Children above 16 years must need to come with a separate valid national passport for travelling in India with a validity of 6 months. 

● Only if you are a citizen of the following countries, you don't require any visa for travelling in India, if you enter via your own country borders. 

○ Nepal 

○ Bhutan 

○ After applying for a regular visa, you need to print out the application form and then have to take it to your nearest Indian embassy, definitely located in your home country with all the required documents. 


There are many kinds of Indian Regular Visas as well. Some basic types are 

■ 180 days Regular Tourist Visa 

■ For business purposes, Regular Business Visa 

■ Also Regular Visas for foreigners with Indian Origin. 


○ These visas also come with a validity of around 5years and with single or multiple entries. 

○ The procession of this visa takes a really long time which is one of its biggest drawbacks. 

○ If you want to extend your stay, please register under the Government of India within 14 days of your arrival in India. 


Requirements to Apply for the Indian e-Visa: Basically there are three easiest steps to apply for Indian e-Visa. So here goes the Indian e-Visa application guide

Step 1: Fill the India e-Visa Application first: 

● You have to choose your living and citizenship country in the online application form. 

● You also have to choose the type of e-Visa you are desiring for. 

● Then you need to fill the Indian e-Visa application form online. 

● Then finally you have to upload the requested documents for Indian e-Visa on that site. 


 Documents required to apply for the Indian e-Visa

▪ Birth certificate or NID 

▪ Bank statement/Dollar endorsement /Active international credit card / Travelcard.(Any of these) 

▪ Latest Utility Bill copy. 

▪ Scanned copy of Professional proof 

▪ Last passport copy and all old passports. 


Step 2: Pay Visa Fee Online : 

● First you have to select the payment method first. 

● Then you can pay the fees online, using PayPal or your active Credit Card or Debit Card. 

● So the payment is done? Wait up! Now you'll receive a payment confirmation mail and application ID. 

Step 3: Finally Get Your e-Visa: 

● By using the platform of Tourist Visa Online, you can easily track the visa status online. 

● Then just the visa needs to get approved. Congo! Download it fast. 

● Then all you need is to verify the visa. Hola! You are ready to fly!! 


Requirements to Apply for the Regular Visa: There are 4 basic steps every foreigner needs to follow, whoever is applying for a regular visa. So here's the basic Indian Regular Visa application process. Just follow it: 

Step 1: Firstly you need to fill an Indian regular visa application form. 

Step 2: You need to send in your passport with at least a validity of six months on the date of application with at least two blank pages in order to get the stamps from the authorities of immigration and border protection. 

Step 3: Then you need to provide one or two of your recent photographs with precise specification on the visa website with all the required documents. 

Step 4: You also have to provide a reference from anyone from your country & same non-Indian origin and also a reference letter from someone in India. Well for that you can use the details of a hotel or travel agency that you are attending, – just like Tourist Visa Online for example! To know more about Indian Visa Policy and all the visa types, please.



Q. What are the services we can get by applying for e-Visa through Tourist Visa Online? 

A. By applying through Tourist Visa Online, you can get all the following services, 

● Car pickup service 

● Hotels booking service 

● Flights booking service 

● Tour booking service and so on. 

Q. What is the basic difference between Indian e-visa and regular visa? 

A. Basically e-Visa is easy to apply and takes really less time to proceed than a regular visa. Regular visa is used for a longer stay and it's more expensive while e-visa is for a short-term stay. 

Q. How can I get an Indian visa really fast? 

A. If you want your Indian visa real quick, just go for an e-Visa. You will get it in between 3-5 days of your application. 

Q. What are the documents I need to keep while travelling around India? 

A. Please try to keep your visa a copy of your passport with you always while travelling in India. Your passport needs to have a validity for at least 6 months.

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