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All the nationals of the United States planning to get an amazing travel experience in India must apply for an Indian visa for US citizens. India has been one of the most desiring tourist destinations as it's so full of glorious heritage, traditional cultures, and mesmerizing beauty of mother nature. So any US citizen out there, looking forward to visiting India soon? Well, all you need is an India Visa to fly over here! And India has one of the best Visa Policy and various types of visa facilities all over the world. 

● There are many ways to apply and get Indian Visa, online or offline. Or you can also apply through us, Tourist Visa Online.

● Here are all the details a US citizen needs to know to apply India Visa


Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. I am from the US, Do I need to get a visa to visit India?

A. Yes, all the US passport holders need a visa to travel to India. But there's nothing to worry about! You can apply for a regular Indian visa offline via any of your nearest Indian embassies or any local Indian mission or agency. Or you can apply India Visa for US Nationals Online Through Tourist Visa Online.

Q. Which types of visa are available in India for US Citizens?

A. This basically depends on either you are applying for a regular visa or an e-visa. In case of regular visa, you can apply for, 

● Regular tourist visa: for 180 days. 

● Regular business visa 

● Regular Visas for foreigners with Indian Origin and so on. 

But in the case of e-visa, you can apply for, 

● Tourist e-visa: for 180 days 

● Business e-visa: for 180 days 

● Transit e-visa: for 3 days 

● Medical e-visa: for 60 days (can be extended) and so on. 

Q. How long can I stay in India with an e-visa?

A. It actually depends on the type of visa you have applied for. Like in the case of a tourist visa, you can stay in India for 180 days. But an e-visa generally provides you a maximum stay of 365 days. 

Q. How long is a visa basically valid for?

A. Visa generally gives you a validity of 3-5 years. But just in case of US citizens, they can get a validity for even 10 years. 

Q. How can I apply for an Indian Visa online?

A. Basically there are 3 easiest steps to apply for an Indian visa online, via Tourist Visa Online.

● Fill the Visa Application form: 

○ You have to choose your own country and citizenship. 

○ You then need to choose your desired visa type. 

○ Then you have to fill the online application form and upload all the required documents. 

● Pay Visa fee online: 

○ You have to choose your method of online payment. 

○ Then you can pay the fees via PayPal or your internationally valid active credit card or debit card or via any other available options. 

○ After the payment is done successfully, you will receive a registration id with a confirmation email. 

● Finally, get your visa: 

○ Then all you have to do is wait till your application gets approved. Then you can download it. Now just verify it! And hola! Welcome to India! 

Q. Can I track my visa online?

A. Yes, you can easily track your visa online. 

Well, if you have applied via any online travel website, hopefully, they will provide you with all the required information that you need to know in order to track your visa. And if you have applied on Tourist Visa Online, you can Track India Visa Status Online.

Q. What are the documents I need to submit to apply for a visa?

A. There are just a few things you need to submit. Like; 

● Scanned copy of your passport with a validity of at least 6 months. 

● 2-3 Passport size photographs of the applicant. 

● If applicable you may need to submit the first and last page of your passport. 

Q. How long does it take to apply for an Indian visa online? 

A. It generally takes around 10 minutes because all you have to do is fill the application form with proper evidence and then do the payment. 

Q. How long does it take the application to proceed?

A. The application takes around 3-5 days to proceed. But you can get even faster. As Tourist Visa Online, serves you 24/7 and we are always here to take your call and help you out in any condition. To know more contact : 

Q. What do I need to present after reaching the Indian airport?

A. All you need to provide are these three items: 

1. Your valid passport

2. Proper photo id proof

3. Your e-visa 

Q. Can I include my child on my visa?

A. No, you can't include it. It's strictly forbidden because every individual has to carry his own visa, regardless of the age. 

Q. Is this safe to apply for my India visa through Tourist Visa Online?

A. Well, trust me! Your personal information can never be safer because, with Tourist Visa Online, you get 24/7 trustworthy service and all the facilities with complete assurance of the protection and security of all your personal information. We do enough investment in the security of our databases and we always care for you. It's our duty to provide you with a safe and amazing travel experience and make you smile. 


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I hope this clears all your doubts on Indian Visa for US citizens. For any other queries you can contact us: or you can comment below. We're here for you 24/7. Have a safe and secure journey from America to India and an amazing travel experience in India. 

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