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Visitors and tourists who are planning to spent their vacations in Kenya must apply for a Kenya tourist visa. Kenyan immigration provides tourist visas which can be considered vacation visas for foreigners. A vacation visa or tourist visa is mostly issued by travelers and who are visiting the country for vacations and leisure. The visa-free countries and territories can visit the country without a tourist visa to enter Kenya. Around 140 countries are eligible to apply for a Kenya e-tourist visa.

Kenya Tourist Visa Validity

The person holding a Kenya tourist visa for 90 days. They have legal permission to reside and explore the country for 90 days. Tourists can also apply for 3 days visa which is 72 hours. Applicants who want to apply for 3 days Kenya visa can submit their application form on Tourist Visa Online.  The 3 days Kenya visa will not be valid after the 3rd day.

Single entry visa

Kenya tourist visa permits single entry into the country. Both 90 days and 3 days visa can only be used once. After, you exit the country you can not enter. You have to apply for a Kenya visa again.

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Kenya Tourist Visa Process

Applicants have to submit the application form for a tourist visa by following simple steps:

  • You can apply it on Tourist Visa Online.
  • Choose nationality, the country you are from, and chose the country name you want a visa for.
  • Select the type of visa. You can select 3 days visa for Kenya or you can also select a visa with the validity of 90 days
  • Click on the "Apply Visa" button.
  • Applicants are required to fill the application form for a Kenya tourist visa.
  • Recheck the information you filled in is correct.
  • Upload the digital copy of the required documents needed for the Kenya tourist visa application visa.
  • Applicants will be asked to pay the required Kenya visa
  • After payment applicants will also receive the confirmation mail.
  • Your visa will take some time to process.
  • You can check your tourist visa application status.
  • You will receive a copy of your Kenya Tourist Visa on your e-mail ID.

Documents required for Kenya tourist visa:

Important documents and requirements applicants must upload to obtain a Kenya tourist visa are:

  • Passport- With 6 months validity when you reach the airport. Applicants should make sure that they have two blank pages in their passport.
  • Copy of the passport bio page
  • Photo- Recent colored photo
  • Flight tickets
  • Return tickets
  • Hotel accommodation details
  • Yellow Vaccination certificate- Travelers should carry proof of the Vaccination for yellow fever. If they do not have a vaccination certificate, they may not be allowed to enter the country.
  • Credit or debit card to pay the Kenya Visa fee.
  • E-mail ID- The applicant's e-tourist visa is sent to them by e-mail. Therefore, they should provide their active email ID to obtain their Kenya tourist visa.

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Kenya Tourist Visa Fee

The visa fee for a Kenya tourist visa is 100.0 USD for 90 days visa. Applicants have to pay 80.0 USD for 3 days visa.

Kenya Tourist Visa Processing Fee

The processing visa fee for a tourist visa is 26.0 USD.

Tourist Visa For Visa-Free Country

According to Keny visa rules, 45 countries are exempted to apply for Kenya visas. Tourists who spend their vacations can visit Kenya without obtaining a visa. But, they are required to show important documents like valid passports, travel documents, and return tickets. They are allowed to stay for 90 days in Kenya.

Tourist Visa From Embassy

Applicants from the country who are restricted to apply for their Kenya Visa from the embassy. They have to apply for their Kenya Tourist Visa from the embassy even if they are visiting the country for a short-term stay. Applicants have to arrange an interview with the consulate. According to, Kenya immigration rules 160 countries are restricted to obtain their Kenya visa.

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Kenya is a country situated in South Africa. It is known for its wildlife preserves and beautiful landscapes. Nairobi, the capital of Kenya is famous for its National parks which have varieties of species. Tourists can also spot rare black rhino. For tourists seeking to explore wildlife more and nature lovers,  Kenya is one of the best countries to visit.


A vacation visa or tourist visa for Kenya can be obtained online. Applicants just have to fill the application form. They can apply it on Tourist Visa Online.

Apply Kenya Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the immigration department does tourist visas to Kenya for vacations.

No, applicants can not apply for visa on arrival in Kenya. Applicants are recommended to apply online or from the embassy.

If you are visiting the country with Tourist Visa for Kenya then you are allowed to stay there for 90 days.

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