is yellow fever vaccination required for kenya visa

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  • There is a Need for some Vaccination Certificate to enter Kenya For Safety Purpose. The National Travel Health Network and Centre and WHO recommend the following vaccinations for Kenya Visa. Check whether you need a Vaccination certificate for Kenya or not.
  • Vaccination for Yellow fever is only required for the citizens belonging to countries having the risk of yellow fever transmission or children of age one year or less coming from a region of higher risk for yellow fever. 



What is Yellow Fever? 

  • Yellow fever is basically a disease spread by a particular species of mosquito, found commonly in Africa and South America. 
  • It is a viral disease that can be prevented using vaccines.

Who needs a yellow fever vaccination?

  • If you are traveling to Kenya and you are 9 months of age or older. 
  • You are advised to get vaccinated with a yellow fever vaccine to prevent yellow fever because this area is prone to the disease. 
  • A yellow fever vaccine is specifically advised for people who wish to go for safaris.

Exceptions for a yellow fever vaccine - 

There are some areas in Kenya, for which you do not need to have a vaccine for Yellow fever. So, if you only wish to visit these places in Kenya, you should not worry about the vaccination. 

These areas include -

  • Nairobi 

  • Mombasa 

  • Province of North East 


FAQs - 

  1. What is the validity of the certificate of yellow fever vaccine? 

  • Yellow fever vaccination is valid only after 10 days of the vaccination. 
  • So, it is advised to have the vaccination before 10 days or more of your trip to Kenya. 
  1. Do I need a Yellow fever vaccination during transiting from Kenya?  

      Whether you would be required to have vaccination of yellow fever while transiting from Kenya or not, depends on your stay during the transit. 

  • If you would be in Kenya during your transit for less than 12 hours, you will not be required to have a yellow fever vaccination.

  • However, if you would be in Kenya for more than 12 hours, then you should have a yellow fever vaccination. 

  1. Should I have a yellow fever vaccination if I'm planning to go on a safari in Kenya?  

  • Yes, it is important for all travelers to have a yellow fever vaccination if you are going for a safari in Kenya. 
  • It is for the safety of the tourists as this area is prone to the viral infection of yellow fever. 
  1. Should I have a vaccination of yellow fever to go to Nairobi? 

     No, if you are only planning to visit Nairobi in Kenya it is not necessary to have a yellow fever vaccination. As this area is not prone to yellow fever. 


    However, if you would be going to other places also then you will have to get a yellow fever vaccine accordingly. 

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