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  • Are you from Albania and not knowing how to apply for a visa from Albania to Kenya?  You do not need to worry, we are here to help you guys. 
  • Just read this article to get information on applying for Kenya visa for Albania nationals. It appears like a more complex process than it actually is.
  • You can also apply for a visa online to Kenya from Albania.


FAQs - 

  1. How can I apply for a Kenya tourist visa from Albania?  

     If you are a citizen of Albania and you wish to visit Kenya as a tourist, then you will have to apply for a tourist visa to Kenya. 

    For applying a tourist visa to Kenya, you will have to follow these steps - 

  • You can apply for a tourist visa online to Kenya. 

  • You will have to fill the form with correct details. 

  • Recheck the details after you have filled the form. 

  • Upload a recent passport size photograph in the digital format. 

  • Then you will be directed to the payment option, where you would be required to submit the visa application fees. 

  1. Will I need a visa from Albania to Kenya?

      As Albania is not an exempted country, so if you are a citizen of Albania and planning to visit Kenya anytime soon, you must apply for a visa according

      to your stay prior to the tour visit. 

      Citizens of Albania can apply for an e-visa to Kenya easily. 

  1. How can I travel to Kenya from Albania? 

      The easiest way to travel from Yemen to Kenya is by direct flight. You can easily reach Kenya in approximately 6 hours and 45 minutes from Albania. 

  1. What are the requirements to apply for a Kenya visit visa from Albania?

      For all the Albania citizens, here is a list of requirements for you to apply for a visit visa to Kenya - 

  • You should have a passport issued by the government of Albania.

  • The passport should be valid for at least six months or more.

  • The passport of Albania should have at least two blank pages. 

  • You should have a recent photograph of passport size. 

     The photograph should be in a digital format and ready to upload. 

  • You should have a well-prepared travel itinerary with stay details. 

  • You should have your return ticket with you at the time of application of visa to prove your temporary stay in Kenya.

  • You should have a valid mode of payment, for paying the visa application fees. 

  1. Can a citizen of Albania get a visa on arrival in Kenya?

      No Albania citizen required a Kenya visa in advance. 

  1. Should I get a transit visa to Kenya if I am a citizen of Albania?  

      This is a very popular query, of all the people transiting from Kenya. Actually the requirement of the transit visa depends on your stay in Kenya. 

      There are some points that you need to keep and mind - 

  • If you are a citizen of Albania and transiting from Kenya, and only staying in the Kenya airport for some time, then you would not need a transit visa to Kenya. You can easily travel without it. 

  • However, if you are transiting from Kenya and would be out of the airport due to some reasons but for less than 72 hours, then you will require a transit visa to Kenya. 

  • The third case is when you will stay in Kenya for more than 72 hours and you will be out of the airport. 

       In this case, you will require a tourist visa to Kenya, as this category does not fall under the transit visas. So, you cannot stay with a transit visa

       in Kenya. 

  1. For how many days can I stay in Kenya if I am a citizen of Albania?

  • For the citizens of Albania, who are planning a trip to Kenya you should keep in mind that you can only stay for a maximum duration of 90 days in Kenya. 

  • However, you can extend your stay for any valid reasons, only after you are in Kenya. 

  • For the extension procedure, you will have to visit the immigration office and provide the necessary documents and reason for the extension of the visa. 

  1. Can citizens of Albania apply for a multiple entry visa to Kenya?  

      Yes, you can apply for a multiple entry visa to Kenya but there is a different procedure for it. 

  • You cannot apply for a multiple entry visa online. 

  • You will have to visit the immigration office in Kenya, once you are in Kenya. 

So, we hope this article would be helpful for all the people wishing to apply for a Kenya visa from Albania. We would suggest you to plan your trip, prepare the travel itinerary and apply for an e-visa to Kenya from Albania. 

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