how do i get kenya visa on arrival

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Kenya Visa on Arrival is a feature of Kenya visa Policy in Which one can get their Visa on Arrival to Kenya Depend on their Nationality means They Don't Need a Pre Arranged visa to Kenya. Find Out Which Country can get Visa On Arrival to Kenya.

Are you planning to visit Kenya and confused about the visa options?  

  • We have the best visa options for you to choose from. 
  • Kenya has some easy visa options for everyone who wishes to visit Kenya for its amazing wildlife and scenic landscapes. 
  • Kenya is a beautiful country packed with exclusive animals that are only found here. 
  • It is a dream destination for the famous wildlife photography enthusiast.
  • So, if you also love animals and want to experience the thrill of safaris in Kenya, just grab a DSLR camera, come to Kenya and leave all the visa related problems on us. 
  • Kenya offers two easiest visa options for its tourists. You can easily apply for an e-visa sitting at your home and would not even have to sacrifice your favorite hot tea over standing in a long queue like before. 
  • The second option is for people who could not apply for an e-visa before their trip due to some reasons. 
  • Let us tell you that, in this case also you do not need to worry and cancel your plans to visit Kenya, as Kenya has a very special visa option for you. You can even get a visa on arrival in Kenya. 

Now you must be wondering what exactly is a visa on arrival? 

  • So let us tell you that a visa on arrival is a special policy in Kenya under which the citizens of the selected counties can grab a visa on arrival in Kenya. 
  • You can apply for a visa at the Kenya airport once you reach Kenya. 
  • But, you need to have all the necessary documents with you required for the visa application. 

The documents include - 

  • A valid passport issued by the government of the country you belong to. 

  • The passport should be valid for at least 6 months or more. 

  • The valid passport should have two black pages in it. 

  • You should have your recent passport size photograph. 

  • You should have a well-prepared travel itinerary with all the relevant details of your stay. Even the hotel details should be mentioned in the itinerary. 

  • You should also have a return ticket to prove your exit date from the country. 

  • You should also have a certificate of yellow fever vaccination which is valid. 


FAQs - 

Q. Who can apply for a visa on arrival in Kenya? 

A. All the countries can get a visa on arrival to Kenya but, there are certain countries that are exempted from getting a visa to visit Kenya.

So, citizens of these countries can visit Kenya without a visa.

Therefore, in case you belong to the list of exempted countries you would not be required to apply for a visa on arrival to Kenya, however, rest other countries will have to apply for either an e-visa or a visa on arrival. 

The exempted countries include - 

  •  Bahamas

  •  Barbados

  •  Belize

  •  Botswana

  •  Brunei

  •  Burundi

  •  Cyprus

  •  Dominica

  •  Eswatini

  •  Ethiopia

  •  Fiji

  •  Gambia

  •  Ghana

  •  Grenada

  •  Jamaica

  •  Kiribati

  •  Lesotho

  •  Malawi

  •  Malaysia

  •  Maldives

  •  Mauritius

  •  Namibia

  •  Nauru

  •  Papua New Guinea

  •  Rwanda ID

  •  Samoa

  •  Saint Kitts and Nevis

  •  Saint Lucia

  •  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

  •  San Marino

  •  Seychelles

  •  Sierra Leone

  •  Singapore

  •  Solomon Islands

  •  South Africa

  •  Tanzania

  •  Tonga

  •  Trinidad and Tobago

  •  Tuvalu

  •  Uganda ID

  •  Vanuatu

  •  Zambia

  •  Zimbabwe


Q. What is the validity of a visa on arrival to Kenya?  

A. If you have a visa on arrival to Kenya then you can stay for up to 90 days in Kenya. 

    A normal visa on arrival is only for single entry in Kenya. 

    However, if you need a multiple entry visa for Kenya then you will be required to visit the immigration office in Kenya and also have a valid reason for

    multiple entries in Kenya. 

Q. Is a visa on arrival advisable?  

A. If you are planning for a relaxing vacation in Kenya then you should plan before traveling to Kenya. 

    The easiest way of all is to apply for a visa online, instead of waiting in lines at the start of your trip to Kenya. 

    You should avoid waiting for the chance to get a visa on arrival in Kenya as it is not at all a nice idea to get into any kind of chaos during the very start of

    your trip.


So, if you are planning to visit Kenya, plan your stay accordingly and try to apply for a visa beforehand online and if not possible you can always apply for e visa online

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