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If you belong from Poland and wish to visit Kenya anytime soon, it is much easier now as you can apply for a Kenya visa for Poland citizens

You do not need to wait for your turn in long hectic lines at the immigration office if you are a citizen of Poland. You can just apply Kenya Visa in no time. 



1. Do citizens of Poland need a visa to Kenya? 

Yes, if you are a citizen of Poland and wish to travel to Kenya, you will require a valid Kenya visa

Only if you have a visa issued and is not expired, then you can visit Kenya. 


2. What are the Kenya visa requirements for Poland citizens?  

So, if you are a citizen of Poland and wishing to come to Kenya, you must be wondering what are the requirements for your Kenya visa application.

We have a complete list for you, to help you out. 

  • You will require your valid passport issued by the government of Poland. 

  • Your passport should be valid for a time period of six months or more.

  • The passport should have at least two blank pages in it. 

  • You should have any valid national identity. 

  • You should be ready with your personal details like name, nationality, passport number and more. 

  • You should have a recent passport size photograph in digital form to upload it online on your visa application form. 

  • You should have a medium to submit your visa application fee online. 


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3. Can I get a Kenya business visa for Poland citizens? 

Yes, a citizen of Poland can get a business visa for Kenya

You can easily gather all the documents and apply for a business visa to Kenya if you want to visit Kenya for any business activity. 


4. Can I apply for a Kenya transit visa for Poland citizens?

  • Yes, if you are a Poland citizen and would be transiting through Kenya for any reason, you will have to apply for a transit visa to Kenya.

  • However, if you would be staying in Kenya only for something and would be staying in the airport itself, then you would not require a transit visa to Kenya. 


5. For how long can I stay in Kenya if I am a citizen of Poland?  

A Poland citizen can stay in Kenya for a time period of 90 days only. 

You cannot apply for a visa of more duration online, but if you have some requirement to extend your stay in Kenya, due to any valid reason, then you would be allowed to extend your visa only after to request in the immigration office in Kenya. 


6. When will I have to apply for a transit visa to Kenya if I am a Poland citizen? 

There are some conditions you can check to see whether you will require a transit visa to Kenya if you are a Poland citizen - 

  • In case you are transiting from Kenya and only wish to be at the Kenya airport for some duration, then you would not require a transit visa. 

  • In case, you are planning to be out of the Kenya airport during transiting from Kenya and stay there for less than 72 hours, then you would be required to apply for a transit visa if you are a citizen of Poland. 

  • The third case is, if you would be in Kenya for more than 72 hours while transiting from Kenya you would be needing a normal tourist visa for Kenya. 

In this case, you cannot just stay in Kenya with a transit visa if you belong from Poland. 


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7. How to apply for a visa to Kenya for Poland citizens?

There are some steps to follow if you wish to apply for a visa to Kenya being a citizen of Poland - 

  • You should have a valid passport issued by the government of Poland for 6 months or more and fill in the passport details like passport number, nationality in which you will be required to fill Poland in the visa application form.

  • Fill in other personal details in the form. You do not need to panic, the form will have all the necessary rules that you need to follow while you fill your details.

  • Always double-check the form after you have filled the details, as you do not want to apply for the visa again in case of any mistakes in the form. As once you have applied for a visa application form cannot be undone or cancelled. 

  • Upload a recent digital passport size photograph in the required space. 

  • Next, you will be directed to the payment option, where you will have to select the payment mode which is suitable for you. 

You can easily complete the payment and you are done with your application procedure for a visa. 

So, here was a complete guide to help you all from Poland who is wishing to visit Kenya. 

You can use this information to get a Kenya visa for citizens of Poland easily and online. 


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