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  • If you are from Japan and wondering whether you would need a visit visa to Kenya from Japan, here is the relevant information to help you.
  • Kenya is a beautiful country with amazing wildlife. For all the Japanese who are planning a trip to Kenya, it can be a memorable vacation altogether. You can see the exclusive fauna and explore the famous national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. 
  • First of all, it is very important to know the reason for the visit before you plan to apply for a visa. 
  • As the purpose of your visit will define the visa type suitable for you. 

Do the Japanese require a visa to Kenya? 

This is the most searched question by the Japanese while planning a trip to Kenya. So let us tell you that, if you are a Japanese citizen you will require a visa to visit Kenya. Japanese citizens cannot visit Kenya without a valid visa. 

Kenya visa requirement for Japanese citizens - 

So, if you are wishing to apply for a visa to Kenya, you must go through the list of requirements you would be needed to provide at the time of application. 

The requirements are - 

  • Passport - A passport that is valid for 6 months or more. You should also have at least 2 blank pages in your passport.

  • Details and Other information about Passport - You should also be ready with your passport details and other information in it like nationality, passport number, date of birth, date of expiry of your passport, and more. 

  • Passport Size Photograph - You should also have a passport size, a recent photograph which you could be able to upload on your online visa application form. 

  • Itinerary - You should have a well-prepared travel itinerary as to how you will spend your stay in Kenya, where would you live and when will you return back.

  • Return Ticket - You may be asked to show the proof of your return, so you should have your return ticket with you. 

Visa application for Japanese citizens for Kenya - 

If you are a Japanese citizen, there are two main ways by which you can apply for a visa to Kenya. 

The two main procedures include -


1.  Kenya Visa Online- 

Earlier you had no option other than standing in the long queue for your visa application, but now you can easily apply for a visa for Kenya online without any problem.

What you have to do is, just need to follow these easy steps - 

  • Fill in your basic details in the online visa application form like name, date of birth, passport number, and so on. 

  • After filling the form, you would be asked to upload a recent passport size photograph. 

  • Once you fill in all the entries correctly, you just need to pay the visa application fees and you are good to go.


2. Kenya Visa on Arrival

  • Japanese citizens can also get a visa on arrival in Kenya. So, if you could not apply for a visa prior to your visit, you need not to worry. 
  • At the Kenya airport, you can easily apply for a visa on arrival, but you will have to wait in the long queue.
  • So, it is advised to get a visa before, to avoid waiting at the airport for the visa.


FAQs - 

  1. What is the validity of Kenya's e-visa?

     If you apply for an e-visa to Kenya, you must note that it is only valid for a time period of 90 days from the date of visit in Kenya.

  1. What should I do if I want to apply for a Kenya visa from Japan?  

    You can easily apply for a visa online while you are in Japan. You just need to follow the steps, submit the fee and it's done. 

    Just keep the documents required ready with you like your valid passport, itinerary, return ticket, and of course the visa application fee. 

  1. For how long can Japanese stay in Kenya? 

     Japanese can stay in Kenya for up to 90 days with an e-visa or a visa on arrival. However, you will have to visit the immigration office to extend your

     stay but you should have a genuine reason. 

  1. Can my family members from Japan apply with me for the visa application to Kenya?  

     Yes, your family members or friends can also apply for a visa to Kenya but they will have to complete the same procedure of filling the form, uploading

     your digital photograph, and submitting the fee online. 


    So, here was a guide to help you out for choosing your visa option. You can easily apply for an e-visa or also get a visa on arrival in case of sudden plans or any

    other reasons. Getting a visa for Kenya is not at all a tough task for the Japanese citizens. If you are a Japanese citizen and planning a trip to Kenya, just pack

    your bags and leave the rest on us. 

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