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Kenyan immigration department and visa rules state that a Kenya visa for Tunisians is required. Tunisian citizens are not one of the visa exempted countries. But, a Kenya visa for Tunisians can be obtained or issued online. Tunisian citizens do not have to visit the embassy or consulate for a Kenyan visa. Tunisian citizens are eligible and can apply for a Kenya e visa. The Kenya e visa is the electronic document linked to the passport of Tunisian citizens which is used to enter the country. 

Stay Validity

The citizens of Tunisia can stay in Kenya for 90 days with a valid Kenya e Visa. The Kenya e visa for Tunisians can also be obtained for 3 days single entry visa. Tunisia passport holders can visit Kenya for one time because it permits one entry. The benefit of obtaining a Kenya e-visa is that it is valid for a long time than other countries' electronic visas. And visitors can travel to Kenya with e Visa for tourism purposes, business purposes, medical reasons, and transit. 


Kenya e-visa fee

The Kenya e Visa fee for obtaining an electronic visa completely online is 100.0 USD if applying for 90 days visa. Tunisian citizens applying for 3 days visa will have to pay 80.0 USD.

Kenya e Visa requirements for Tunisian citizens

The requirements for Tunisian citizens to apply for a Kenya visa online is almost the same as basic requirements for a normal visa:

  • Tunisian passport with six months validity and not less than two empty pages. Tunisian citizens should upload the bio page and the last page for the evidence.
  • Passport size photos should fulfill the photo requirements for the Kenya visa application form. And it should also be uploaded with the Kenya e visa form.
  • Sufficient funds will be needed for proof at the airport.
  • Mode of payment
  • E-mail address of Tunisia citizen applying for Kenya visa online.
  • Confirmed flight reservations
  • Confirmed hotel bookings
  • Purpose of visit 
  • Travel details
  • Yellow fever vaccination


The process to apply for a Kenya e visa

Tunisians can obtain their visa online by visiting and filling forms on Tourist Visa Online.

  • Select nationality, living country, and visiting the country by scrolling down. 
  • Select visa type which maybe 3 days visa or 90 days visa to Kenya.
  • Fill in the information asked in the Kenya visa online application form which will include personal details, passport details, and travel details.
  • Tunisian citizens should upload scanned images or digital images of passports and photos. They will also have to attach their flight tickets.
  • Payment can be done with a credit card, debit card, PayPal, or from the bank account of Tunisian citizens.
  • Tunisian citizens can also track the Kenya visa online application status to know about their electronic visa approval.
  • An electronic visa to Kenya will be sent at the Email address of Tunisian citizens.

COVID 19 requirements

The COVID 19 requirements that Tunisian citizens have to follow to gain entry in Kenya are:

  • Tunisian citizens must take Covid 19 test and should test negative to enter the country.
  • Must have a proper health certificate.
  • Travelers Health surveillance form
  • Screening at the airport

Tunisian citizens can also apply for multiple entry visa to Kenya if they regularly visit the country. The Kenya multiple entries visas are obtained mostly for business and work reasons. It is also obtained for medical purposes, by students for trade purposes. The validity of a Kenya multiple entry visa can be either six months or one year. 

Kenya transit visa can be obtained, if Tunisian citizens will travel to another destination after arriving in Kenya within 3 days. Tunisian citizens do not necessarily need to apply for a Kenya transit visa. As they have an alternative option to apply for a Kenya visa online with the validity of three days.



Kenya visa for Tunisians can easily be obtained in a secured way from Tourist Visa Online website. Tourists and visitors should apply for an electronic visa to Kenya rather than obtaining visa from the consulate.

Apply Kenya Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

The processing time of a Kenya visa online if you are applying from Tourist Visa Online is five to seven days. But, applicants must pay a 26 USD processing visa fee.

The electronic visa validity and stay validity for all nations including Tunisia in Kenya are 90 days.

No, children below two years of age are not restricted to show the negative test results of COVID to gain entry into the country.

Tunisian citizens are not eligible to apply for a Kenya visa on arrival. As the government does not provide the facility to apply for a visa after arriving in any country.

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