Jobs with visa sponsorship in Kenya

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Visa sponsorship for employment or jobs means the company or organization is hiring foreign nationals for work or jobs. They sponsor eligible foreign individuals from outside the country. Any organization or company can sponsor eligible candidates from a foreign country for employment. The employer in Kenya takes the guarantee of the foreign individual, that he or she will stay in the country for work.  For sponsoring foreign nationals, the employer needs to follow certain rules and procedures.

How does the employer send the letter of invitation or sponsor the foreign employee?

Employer or the person who is hiring foreign national than for visa sponsorship

  • The company must also provide a valid reason for hiring from a foreign country.
  • The employer sends various documents of the employee to the immigration department in Kenya. It also includes a letter of invitation
  • All the documents related to employee personal and professional information. They have to provide the details about the job position and other details to sponsor their foreign employee.

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Reason to hire from foreign countries:

Sometimes, companies hire foreign nationals because-

  • They did not find any individual in the country to fill that position.
  • The reason for hiring can be because they did not find a skilled or qualified candidate for the job position in Kenya.

What is the importance of visa sponsorship for jobs?

Any individual from a foreign country who wants to work in Kenya is required to find visa sponsorship jobs in Kenya. If the foreign national is hired by any company, then the company will sponsor them. Without the sponsorship or job offer letter, you will not be allowed to work in the country. The company sends the important document to the immigration office. The visa sponsorship is important because;

  • It will help you to obtain a work permit for Kenya.
  • It will take the guarantee that you will work for their company or organization.
  • The invitation letter or job offer letter is one of the important documents required for the work permit.

Any foreigner with a tourist visa can not work and gain income in Kenya. A business visa also does not permit one to work in Kenya, one can attend meetings, conferences and attend business-related work with restrictions.

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Jobs With Sponsorship In Kenya

Kenya is the center for businessmen, investors, and multinational companies in East Africa. With the sudden surge in the economy, still it may that they do not find suitable candidates. And, the foreign nationals working in Kenya are less in number. The company or organization in Kenya can hire the foreigner. The employer may find sometimes difficult to hire foreign individuals. Due to the lack of interest of the foreign nationals or other reasons.

Visa sponsorship jobs  the individual can apply in the following sectors:

  • Information Technology
  • Telecommunication
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Exploration and production
  • the oil sector and gas sector
  • Logistics
  • Agriculture
  • Tourism
  • Real estate
  • Construction
  • Volunteering and social work

How to find visa sponsorship jobs for Kenya?

Finding a  job of your choice is the most challenging task. Make sure that your CV is strong with proper qualifications and work experience. Companies hire applicants whose CV is strong and does the foreign employee is eligible or not.

One of the best ways to find visa sponsorship jobs is by searching it online. Online websites like:

  • Brighter Monday - It is the online platform for job seekers. It is one of Kenya's best platforms for recruitments.
  • My job mag- It is one of the job listing websites in Nigeria.
  • LinkedIn- This platform is used in many countries. It is a job searching and recruitment platform and also provides additional facilities.
  • Pigia Me- It is the platform for buying and selling.

Applicant can send their job application and CV after finding proper jobs according to their eligibility. They will get a response from the company or organization if they find applicants' CVs interesting. You can also apply for the particular company by searching their name directly on the internet.

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Jobs With visa sponsorship are available in Kenya. If you are planning to get employed in Kenya, you can apply for various jobs. Visa sponsorship will help you to move or stay in the country for work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Visa sponsored jobs can be searched online. Find the company you want to work for. Send your CV and after they accept your offer. And they want to hire you, then they will sponsor your visa.

Yes, the foreign nationals after receiving their job offer should apply for a work permit.

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