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Kenya e-visa is the alternative option selected by most of the applicants to obtain visa easily. Kenya e-visa is the online electronic travel document granted to ex-pats for short-term visits. This electronic visa obtained online for Kenya is only valid for three months. And individuals with e-visa to Kenya can stay in the country for 90 days. Kenya e visa is obtained to gain single entry into the country.

Kenya e-Visa problems

There are many benefits of applying for a Kenya visa online securely and easily. But, still, there are some Kenya electronic visa problems you must know. It will help you to get Visa without rejection. You may face Kenya e visa problems while applying for a visa or to get Visa on time. The applicants may face issues while filling the application form for Kenya e-visa like:

  • Slow internet- If the internet speed is not steady and very slow. If you are not properly connected to the internet some of the information may stay incomplete. The documents will not be uploaded properly just because of slow internet speed. Therefore, you should fill the form to avoid this kind of Kenya electronic visa problem.
  • No mode of payment- The application form for the Kenya e-visa will only be submitted. If you have a proper mode of payment to pay the relevant visa fee for Kenya's electronic visa. Without a credit card or debit card and bank account, it is not possible to complete the online transaction. Therefore, you should have an alternative option to pay the Kenya visa fee online.
  • Inappropriate Email address- If you do not fill the proper and accurate Email ID in the online Kenya visa application form. Then you will not get your Kenya e visa because it will be sent to your Email address. Therefore give your active Email ID only. 


Problems with Kenya e-Visa application form and documents

  • Invalid passport- If you use the passport which is invalid for Kenya online application form. Then, there are chances that you will not get Visa approval and your Kenya visa application will be rejected. The passport which are:
  • Not valid
  • In a bad condition
  • Torn
  • Less than 6-month passport validity
  • Fake
  • Improper photo- If the applicant's photograph does not meet the basic requirements then they may not get an e visa for Kenya. The photograph which are:
  • Very old
  • Not clear
  • With headgears until you are wearing it due to religious reasons
  • Not passport size
  • Not have a light background
  • Incomplete details and errors in Kenya visa application form- If the only application form for Kenya is not filled and you mentioned incorrect details by mistake. To avoid Kenya e-visa problems, Make sure that you fill in correct information about :
  • Full Name
  • Father and Mother name
  • Nationality
  • Address
  • Contact information and Email Address
  • Passport ID number, issued date, and expiry date
  • Arrival date to Kenya and departure date 
  • Documents- If you didn't submit the scanned images or PDF files of important documents. You must upload documents to get a Kenya e visa on time without rejection. Important documents you should submit to obtain a Kenya e visa without any delays are:
  • Passport
  • Photo
  • Travel document


Some of the other issues you may face with an electronic visa for Kenya are:

  • The processing time for your Kenya e visa application form may delay. If you do not keep the above-mentioned points and fulfill the requirements. 
  • The electronic visa obtained for Kenya can only be used for tourism and business. You can not settle in the country with Kenya e- Visa. You will need to apply for a work permit and Kenya student visa for other purposes. 
  • The visa fees you pay for a Kenya visa online will not be refunded back if your Kenyan visa is rejected.
  • You will have to start the process all over again to reapply for the Kenya e-visa.
  • The electronic visa for Kenya only allows a limited stay in the country. For a longer stay, you should send a request for a visa extension.
  • If you are not the passport holder of the eligible nation then you can not apply for Kenya e-Visa.



Kenya e-Visa problems can be avoided by the applicant. If the applicant stays extra careful while submitting the online form for Kenya e-Visa. Tourists can fill their Kenya online application form and avoid these mistakes by following instructions on the website"Tourist Visa Online".

Apply Kenya Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

The Kenya Tourist visa usually takes 3 to 4 days for processing. Still, you should apply two or three weeks before the start of your journey.

The eligible countries can easily and securely apply for Kenya's electronic visa. 

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