Kenya visa for Pakistani passport holder

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If you are a citizen or resident of Pakistan who wishes to travel to Kenya, then this article on Kenya visa for Pakistani passport holder is for you.

We are also going to tell you about a travel agency called tourist visa online, which you can trust with, for making your future travel plans. Furthermore, you can also apply through a consulate or the online immigration website.

In the Eastern part of Africa is this extremely well-known country of Kenya. It is a treasure trove of nature and its wonders. The country has the tallest mountain in the whole of Africa, the Kilimanjaro.

It has several different natural reserves and sanctuaries for animals like lions, elephants etc. The tourists can book safaris through the thick rain forests and explore the hidden secrets. 

Culturally, it will be different experience than Pakistan. It can be due to difference in histories, religions followed and the people. However, if you are someone who loves to discover new cultures, then you will be amazed at all the novel things that you can learn.

As someone from Pakistan, you can visit the country either as a tourist or even with a business visa, depending on the purpose and nature of your visit.

Continue reading the article below, to find out everything about the application procedure of the Kenya visa for Pakistani passport holder.


Apply online

One of the most convenient ways of application is the online method. A few years ago, the authorities rolled out the Kenya e-visa so that application process for it becomes very easy for the average person. 

An applicant can get the e-visa by themselves through the immigration website or they can also get help from their travel agency who will get it for them.

Follow these steps below to get the Kenya visa for Pakistani citizens, right from the comfort of your house:

  • You will have to start by going to the website and creating an account.
  • On the homepage, find the option for e-visa application and start filling the form.
  • Make sure the details are in accordance with what is written on your passport and other documents.
  • Once it is filled, attach the digital version of all the mentioned documents.
  • Pay the fees using any online payment mode or your MasterCard.
  • You will receive an email confirmation, after which you will have to wait for a few days for it to process.
  • Once you receive the Kenya e-visa in the email, print a hard copy and carry it with you while travelling.



Here is a list of documents that you will need to submit at the time of application for the Kenya visa for Pakistan citizens:

  • A Passport which should still have a validity of at least six months left on it.
  • Identification document that shows the travellers personal information.
  • Furthermore, the passport should have at least one empty page left in it, for stamping purposes.
  • A travel itinerary that will disclose all the places that you intend to visit and live at.
  • Details of your accommodation bookings.
  • Bank statement as a proof of finances. 
  • Lastly, you will also need a return ticket. Mention all details of your return flight in the form and also show them to the airport authorities.

Once you have consolidated all these documents, it would be wise to show them to your travel agency or officials at the embassy, in order to avoid getting the Kenya Visa for Pakistani rejected. 

Apply Kenya Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

The visa fee for such an application will be 77 US Dollars, which will let you stay in the country for about 90 days.

No, you can carry your health insurance papers apart from the vaccination certificates for Covid19 and Yellow fever, since mosquito related diseases are quite prevalent in the country.

It depends on whether the traveller is vaccinated or un-vaccinated. Quarantine is mandatory for people in the latter category.

You can check your eligibility for a Kenya e-visa application via the tourist visa online website. 

With a Kenya visa for a Pakistan citizen, you can comfortably stay in the country for up to 90 days as a visitor. After that you can also apply for an extension depending on the nature of your work.            

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