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With all of the options you have got to go to Madagascar, it is sure that you will be spending a lot. So it is important that you start saving some way between all of the processes. This is why to save you and your budget Madagascar visa cost will be giving you information on how to effectively get this visa while also saving up a lot! Tourist visa online will always be here for your guidance no matter what your trouble is. You will also need not worry about how small the problem is, you can always contact us be it through a mail or a call. With this let’s take a look at the cost details, the processing period, and all other information that you need while applying for a visa.


Q. Do I need a Madagascar visa to visit Madagascar Island?

This seems to be on everyone’s mind in the first place, which is why this has to be cleared out first. The visa to Madagascar Island is a document which not only do foreigners from other continents but also those from Africa itself will require. The only ones who do not require a visa will be the citizens of Madagascar. Apart from this, the visa cannot be accessed by those citizens of Burundi and Palestine. Those people who have a Palestine passport with them are also not allowed into the country.

Q. If I do need a visa, what are the options I can get?

You can surely check for the Madagascar visa types easily and get to know which are the ones you require. If this is clear then you will be able to apply for one. There are in total 13 visa options that have been provided to the foreigners by the government f Madagascar. All of these visa options serve various purposes and hence a visa when being selected must be taken only for that particular purpose for which you are going into the country.

Q. Where do I apply for the visa that I want?

Applying for a visa tends to be confusing for some. But applying through tourist visa online will ensure that you get a simple form that can be filled in easily and the documents that you need to submit are also way less than the ones you need to submit when you apply through an embassy. The application of a visa through tourist visa online will also help in getting it much quicker than through other methods.

Q. What are the options for the visa that are given for a Madagascar visit?

A foreigner who would like to apply for a Madagascar visa can get three options all pertaining to tourism proposes. The three options can be given as follows:

  1. 30 days visa
  2. 60 days visa
  3. 90 days visa

Q. What will the visa cost if I apply through tourist visa online for a Madagascar visa?

When you apply for a Madagascar visa through tourist visa online you will get three cost options. They can be given as follows:

1. 30 days visa:

This visa is the one that will allow you a stay of 30 days in Madagascar. However, the total validity will be a bit longer than the stay validity. The total validity will be for 90 days within which you need to enter Madagascar.

  • This visa will cost you 62.0 US dollars.

2. 60 days visa:

Allowing a time period of 90 days validity and with 60 days of stay validity, this visa will be a single entry one. This visa is a tourist visa that can only be accessed for tourism purposes.

  • This visa will cost you about 70.0 US dollars.

3. 90 days visa:

This visa will have a total validity of 90 days which is also the same as the stay validity. This visa is also a single entry visa like the other two options.

  • This visa will cost you 80.0 US dollars.

Q. What are the processing types for the visa available?

A foreigner can get access to two options of processing, which can be given as follows:

  • A standard processing
  • An emergency processing

Q. What is the time period required for standard processing?

Standard processing will take about 72 hours for you to get the visa.

Q. Is there a service fee for the standard processing of the Madagascar visa?

Yes, there will be a service fee applicable apart from the base fixed value. This will depend on which country you are applying from.

Q. What is the time period for emergency processing?

For emergency processing, it will take only 48 hours for you to get the visa.

Q. Is there a service fee applies to emergency processing?

Yes, a service fee of 200.0 US dollars will be applied when you select the emergency processing option.

With this, you have now got an idea about how much you need to spend on the Madagascar visa cost. This will now help you to adjust the other expenses carefully!

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