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Madagascar is an amazing island on the African continent. It is the fourth-biggest island in the world! This beautiful island remains a hidden gem to the tourists as it is isolated, politically unstable, and a volatile climate of tropical cyclones.

If one wants to experience a Malagasy time” or the relaxed and soothing time, he or she can opt for this island. One will surely enjoy the natural beauty of this Red Island that has so much of red soil

It is very remarkable for its plant and animal species that no one will find anywhere else as they are endemic. Vanilla, cotton, and other farmlands are produced here.

Madagascar visa details

This hospitable island welcomes people of all countries and provides a visa on arrival. The government offers great flexibility to all the people in the matter of providing Madagascar Visa.

Palestinian citizens are not given a visa both on arrival or an e-visa. Burundi citizens can get an e-visa only as they do not get a visa on arrival.

He or she can either take a Madagascar visa on arrival at the border or airport or even an e-visa by applying three days in advance.

Madagascar visa application through Touristvisaonline

If one wants to apply for a visa online, the most ideal option to do so is by navigating to Tourist Visa Online. It is an effortless option to apply for the visa.

It offers three kinds of visas for tourists. They are:

  • Thirty-days visa of a single entry for a visa fee of USD 62.
  • Visa for sixty-days of one-time entry for a visa fee of USD 70.
  • Visa of ninety-days of one-time entry for a visa of USD 80.

All these visas are of a single entry and one can apply for a renewal of the visa if the individual wants to stay for longer.

Why did I choose this website to apply for a visa to Madagascar?

  • Processing fees for the visa are USD 26.
  • Applying through this will make sure that one gets a visa without any rejection.
  • It is genuine and without any errors.
  • One’s application will be checked thoroughly to make sure that there are no mistakes or loop-holes that might lead to rejection.
  • While submitting the applicant's picture for a visa, any format of it is accepted.
  • The application procedure is effortless.
  • Most of the cards for carrying out the payments are accepted and it is hassle-free.

Madagascar visa application form

Madagascar visa application form of the website is very clear and easy to understand. One has to fill all the details provided in the spaces.  If an individual cannot understand how to apply (which does not usually happen), the website offers help through live chat or through Whatsapp.

The following are present in the application form. They are:

  1. One should provide the country in which they are living and their citizenship.
  2. Select the option of the country that one wants to apply for a visa, from the drop-down box.
  3. First name, last name, name of the parents, date of birth as provided in the passport.
  4. Gender, marital status, two email ids (if possible) should be provided.
  5. Mobile number and Whatsapp numbers should be provided by the applicant along with the respective codes.
  6. The profession and the educational qualification are asked in the application.
  7. The passport number, type of passport i.e, if the passport is a diplomatic one, regular, or official passport is to be provided.
  8. One has to submit the date of issue of the passport as well as its expiry date.
  9. The applicant must provide the date of arrival and departure also.
  10. One's permanent address in the country where he or she has citizenship.
  11. The person will provide the city or the state of the applicant.
  12. One can select the country from the drop-down box and write a postal code.
  13. An individual has to upload a soft copy of the passport and picture in any format.
  14. One can choose to submit the form or add more applicants.

Frequently asked queries about the Madagascar visa application form

Question: Is the country cheap to travel to?

Answer: Yes, it is not expensive to travel to this island country. The prices and cost of travel here are cheap.

Question: How many days should I spend visiting the country completely?

Answer: It is ideal to spend ten days visiting the country. The natural beauty is astonishing and the transportation facilities are not very comfortable.

Question: Is the country safe to visit?

Answer: Yes, this island country in Africa is safe for travellers. The crime rate is lesser in Madagascar than the other countries in Africa.

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