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Countries who came under the Policy of Madagascar Visa on Arrival, they do not need to Pre Arrange their Visa as they can get their visa on Arrival. Madagascar is a country on the African continent and now is a chance to visit it on a Madagascar visa on arrival. It is a beautiful island that charms tourists in recent years.  It is the world’s fourth-largest island and it believes in giving a “Malagasy Time”! It means that no one is hurried and relaxation is the mantra in this culture. 

Why should I visit Madagascar at least once in my life?

  1. The island has amazing flora and fauna with more than twelve-thousand species that delight nature lovers and botanical enthusiasts.
  2. It has 96 percent of all its botanical species that can be found only here! One will never want to miss this country as no one will find the plant species found here. 
  3. Many animals here are not found in any other continent or country like the Fausa, Malagasy rat lemurs, and many other birds, reptiles, and fish.
  4. Malagasy cuisine is an influence of its French colonial history and trade. Coconut, rice, spices, cassava, and meat are common here. It is very tasty and visually attractive to all the food-lovers.
  5. The island never fails to charm the adventurous hearts. Trekking, rafting, off-roading tour.
  6. People who enjoy learning about new cultures, this island will be interesting as it has a mix of many other cultures in it.
  7. It is a very affordable nation and one can easily travel here. 
  8. There are beautiful national parks. One of these is a UNESCO world heritage site. 

Madagascar visa on arrival:

People of every nation have to attain a visa to visit Madagascar. Only people with a Palestinian passport cannot apply for a Magasay visa. 

One can get an e-visa and also through the consulate or embassy of Madagascar website if a person needs the visa in advance. 

Visa on arrival is available for every country if the person does not attain the visa in advance. Citizens of the country called “Burundi” cannot apply for a visa on arrival on the island. This comfortable visa policy attracts more visitors.

Requirements for visa on arrival in Madagascar:

  1. The individual's passport has to be valid for at least six months. 
  2. Air tickets one-way or two-way trips are needed.
  3. All other valid documents.

These visas on arrival are attained by people for single entry only. The duration of the visas is 30 days for 37 USD, 60 days 45 USD, and 90 days for 55 USD. 

One can navigate to Touristvisaonline if he or she wants to apply for the visa online. He or she can do it if the person does not want to attain a visa on arrival. For this, one has to book three days prior to the arrival in Madagascar. 

Touristvisaonline makes sure that the individual attains a visa and one can also clear queries through their Whatsapp number or live-chat on the website.

Frequently asked queries about Madagascar visa on arrival:

Q. What is the economic condition of the country?

It is a very poor country. Despite having many natural resources and its major export of vanilla pods, it is a relatively poor country. 

Q. Is it expensive to travel to Madagascar?

No, it is not very expensive to travel to this beautiful island. Everything here is pocket friendly and this amazing country leaves you with an immense wealth of natural beauty and great memories!

Q. How is the climate in Madagascar and is it suitable for the tourists?

The climate is warm and rainy from September to April. It is cool from May to September. The ideal time to go to this island country on a Madagascar visa on arrival is from April to December. 


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