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Madagascar, the Red Island on the African continent is a hidden gem that is isolated and unexplored by many people. It is now making its name in the field of eco-tourism as it attracts many nature lovers or the Romantics, and the thrill-seekers!

Why should an Indian choose Madagascar for travel?

  • India is very much connected to traditionalism and the culture is also known to worship trees and animals like snakes. This African island has an abundance of flora and fauna that are found only here.
  • The staple food here also consists of rice, coconut, and peanuts just like the people of India.
  • This island does not forget its tradition like in India.
  • There are more than 15,000 Indians who are residing in this country. 867 of them are the Non-Resident Indians (NRI’s) and others are the offsprings of parents of Indian origin settled there, according to the ministry of foreign affairs. You will not feel lonely here.
  • It has a close relation with India. Curious to know how? In 2013, geologists unearthed a fact that Madagascar and India were a single continent before eighty-five million years! One might find a genetic brother or sister there!

India to Madagascar

These countries are separated by a distance of 5,598 Kilometers. There are more than ninety aeroplanes that fly from Delhi International Airport to Madagascar. Etihad Emirates, Air India and Jet Airways are the most popular airlines companies that are in this line.

Antananarivo has an Indian embassy in the country and any Indian can receive a Madagascar Visa on arrival here or at the airport. If any Indian wants to extend the visa, he or she has to do it here.

Madagascar visa for Indians

This country is very hospitable and welcomes people of almost all countries by providing them with a visa on arrival. Indian citizens or people with Indian passports can get a visa on arrival in the country.

An Indian citizen also has the flexibility to apply for the visa online for an e-visa, three days before reaching the island. It is very ideal and flexible.

An Indian can navigate to Tourist Visa Online to apply for a Madagascar visa. One can apply here effortlessly and be sure that an authentic visa is received. It is the best website for applying for a visa as documents in all formats and all kinds of cards are accepted.

Frequently asked queries about Madagascar visa for Indians

Question: I am an Indian can I get citizenship in Madagascar?

Answer: The island country is friendly to all the tourists, but it is strict in accepting any foreigner as a part of the country. In recent times, it is allowing other citizens to be a part of them if he or she is above eighteen years of age, healthy, and is of good conduct.

Question: Does the island country of Africa have any Indian restaurants?

Answer: Yes, there are many eateries in the country that provide Indian food. Little India” is a very popular Indian restaurant in India. However, as the food of the country also has staples like rice, and an Indian can eat the food here.

Question: Do the people of this fourth-largest island in Africa, speak in English, or understand the language?

Answer: The government of Madagascar removed the official language as English in 2017. Citizens speak in "French" and "Malagasy" in the country.

The natives here are very kind and will try to understand and excuse a person for not knowing the language. They will try to communicate somehow or find a person who knows the language. Google translator always comes in handy.

Question: Where are the embassies of Madagascar in India?

Answer: One might choose to go to the embassy for applying for the visa but can also choose to apply online through Touristvisaonline. Applying here can also be clearly understood by watching the video how to apply for a Madagascar visa” in which they guide us to give us a real-time experience.

However, the embassies are in Mumbai and Delhi.

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