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Going to Madagascar can leave a person totally excited! Well, then why not add onto your excitement by checking all of the options available for the Madagascar visa types. Tourist visa online is like your companion who will be assisting you through the visa application procedure. This means that you will not have to be worried about anything when you apply for a visa through our website. One thing you can totally be sure of is that no matter what options you want you will get our full assistance and support to fill in for the same. You can apply for all of the below-given types of visas by just filling in the Madagascar visa application form.

Here we have compiled in some of the visa types that will be beneficial for you when you search for options. A complete list can be given below.

1. Madagascar tourist visa:

This visa as the name suggests is a visa for tourism purposes in Madagascar. You can travel around the whole of Madagascar Island without any worries if you have this visa. But one thing while you visit is that you need to have intentions pertaining only to tourism and having any other intentions will lead you into problems. This includes going on business trips or going to Madagascar expecting to get some work that will lead to the payment of fines and even banning of entry into Madagascar ever again. As the tourism visa serves only for tourism purposes, you should stick only to that. If you want to go to Madagascar for any other purpose, you can always apply for another type of visa. 

2. Immigrant visa:

This visa has a validity of 30 days and can be used for either tourism or business purposes. This visa is also known as a transformable visa. This visa is issued by the Madagascar consulate. Once you get a hold of this visa and enter the country you can easily get an opportunity to apply for a long term visa. You can also extend this type of visa.

3. Non-immigrant visa:

This visa has a validity of 90 days and will allow about one to three entries on the visa. This visa, unlike the previous one, cannot be extended but multiple entries can be done easily. 90 days is the maximum time period allowed for the visa and a person cannot stay for more than these numbers of days. 

4. Madagascar investor visa:

This visa is for all of the individuals around the world who wish to invest in specific companies located in Madagascar. This visa can be obtained only for investor purposes.

5. Madagascar employee visa or work visa:

This visa is for those people who are from foreign countries and would like to stay for a long time to work in companies situated in Madagascar. One thing to be noted is that under no conditions can a work visa be obtained if you do not provide a work permit. Hence having a work permit is the only way you can get this visa. One good thing about the work visa is that it will allow you to stay for a longer period of time than usual business visas.

6. Madagascar family visa:

This visa is for those who want to visit their family who have been settled in Madagascar or is residents of Madagascar. It is to be noted that this type of visa is only available when you provide the relevant proof of documents to the agency or embassy. Extended stay visas are also available for this option which will allow for a stay up to five years.

7. Madagascar religious missionary visa:

For those people who belong to the religious missionaries and are going only for religious purposes to Madagascar can avail of this visa type. But providing the proof is also an important thing to get the visa.

8. Madagascar visa for retired people:

People who have retired from work or are aged can avail of this facility. This visa will need a certificate of the retirement or pension certificate to be produced in order to get one. This visa is perfect for those who plan to visit Madagascar after retirement.

9. Madagascar students’ visa:

A visa which is provided for students from another foreign country. This visa allows students to get an education here in Madagascar. One thing to be made sure is that the students must provide proof about the admission in a university or school located in Madagascar.

10. Madagascar visa for volunteer works:

This visa is specifically designed for those who would like to do volunteer works in Madagascar. This visa will also allow them to stay for a while longer if they apply for an extension. Considering the state of Madagascar there have been many volunteering works made possible.

11. Madagascar visa for scientists:

Scientists can get their own visas to go to Madagascar. The travel, however, must only be related to any research or any scientific purposes. This visa cannot be given to a scientist who wants to go to Madagascar for tourism. For this purpose, a tourist visa will be the one that he or she will be required to take. 

You can also get a 60 days visa apart from all of these above Madagascar visa types. This visa will be a perfect match for any business-related purpose as well. 

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