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Are you aware of the fact that Chinese visit Malaysia eventually more through online visa services? Chinese love to travel to Malaysia more than any other in the world closely followed by American Sweden's, and Finnish people. People have discovered simple ways over the Internet to get the best traveling plans and services like e-visa, ENTRI visas, multiple entry visas, and single entry visa so agents seem to have lost much of the business as well. Tourists from China Nations doing outbound travel are on the rise due to their better standard of living. Moreover, they would get good money value outside rather than in the domestic land where prices are quite high.

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Malaysia: A Perfect Place For  Holiday And Business

Malaysia is another popular destination for corporate gateways with some fabulous Islands, Luxury Resorts, colonial towns, rainforests, and beaches. Malaysia is one of the best places I have ever seen on earth. Chinese people usually travel to Malaysia by e-visa services. Chinese people are offered a special type of visa i.e. ENTRI visa Malaysia

Malaysia Visa For Chinese Passport Holder

Since 2017 Malaysian government has offered a special Visa for the Republic of China: the electronic travel registration and information Visa (Entry Visa). 

 If you are a citizen of China and a Chinese passport holder desires to travel to Malaysia, we encourage you to apply for a Malaysia ENTRI Visa.

Are you excited to know more about different types of visas you can apply for to visit Malaysia? You can check it here, don’t worry!


  • Do the Chinese need a visa for Malaysia?

Yes, the Chinese do need a visa to Malaysia.

  • What passport validity is required for a Malaysia visa?

For almost every country in the world, the passport validity required is 6 months at the time of entering the country, Malaysia is no exception

Make sure you have a passport with a validity of at least 6 months before traveling to Malaysia or any other country.

  • Can I travel to Malaysia with an old passport that has a valid visa and a new passport that has no visa?

Yes, you can. If the visa is valid it can be used at immigration even if you have it on the old passport. You should carry both the passports with you. For 100% assurance, you may call or email the Embassy. You can then go on your trip. Good Luck!

  • Is it necessary for a foreigner in Malaysia to have their passport with them at all times?

Make a copy of your valid passport page and carry it with you all the time because you may require it at any time.

  • While entering Malaysia in transit is it necessary to carry a six-month valid passport?

Please make sure that when you are planning to travel, you should ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months. So, when you are in transit in Malaysia even if a few months you stay in another country and proceed to your intended destination. The Malaysian authorities should not have any objection regarding your passport. If your passport validity gets reduced from 6 months to 4-3 months there is no need to worry.

  • If I go to China via Malaysia. Do I need a transit visa for that?

If I understand you perfectly, you would have a stop in Malaysia that will last for 34Hrs. Australian permanent residents would require a transit visa in Malaysia, it is a routine and the fact that you have a long stopover, you may want to look around the city and catch some fun, it happens every day and everywhere. Go ahead, apply, and enjoy yourself.

  • Can a work visa be converted to a tourist visa?

Legally, you have to get an offer letter from a company in Malaysia.

  • Once the offer is ready you need to start the procedure to be out of the country. You have to send a copy of the passport to the company so that they can apply for your visa.
  • Approximately, it takes up to 1 month depending on the company industry.
  • Once the visa is ready, the company will send you a copy of the approval letter, and then you need to go to the Malaysian embassy in your country or the nearest Malaysian embassy in Malaysia such as Cambodia to get the letter stamped.
  • Upon arrival in Malaysia, you must show the customs or immigration officer your letter then you will be granted a special stamp or pass for 14 days only, once you are in the country, you need to submit your passport to your HR department to get the sticker.
  • Anyway, tourist visas CANNOT be converted to any of the other visas.


  • What is the difference between the lifestyle of the Chinese in Malaysia and the Chinese in China?

There are a lot of differences between the lifestyle of the two. Their cultural values are completely different as well as their eating habits to are different from each other. 

  • A tourist from China is unable to speak English should visit which city in Malaysia to avoid any inconvenience?
  •  KL
  •  Penang - Georgetown
  •  Genting
  •  Cameron Highlands

You don't have to worry about it. Because you will get a guide who can guide you in your language and you will see many Chinese citizens around.


  • Do the people of Malaysia speak English fluently?

 Yes, people of Malaysia speak English fluently as English is a common language. 


Chinese can get online visas easily because of the healthy relations between China and Malaysia. China is one of those countries that can get e-visa to visit Malaysia. There are some special offer visas also for Chinese like online ENTRI visa, Single ENTRI visa, multiple entry visa, an e-visa. You can apply on our website and our team will guide you to the fullest so, that you can get your visas as soon as possible. A huge number of Chinese visit Malaysia on an annual basis for their business purpose. You also apply for a transit visa, employment visa, student visa, and tourist visa. So guys what are you waiting for? Apply now.

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