top 10 delicious malaysian food you cant miss on the malaysia trip

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If you are a food lover, Malaysian food is made for you. Do you know what? Malaysia is known for its delicious food. Malaysian cuisine is prepared with special spices. If you try them once, your stomach will starve again to taste it. Have you ever visited the food heaven? If not then you should visit Malaysia because another name of Malaysia is food heaven. Malaysian food is popular worldwide. If you ever visit Malaysia you should never miss the opportunity to have Malaysian food. So let us grab this opportunity to take you for a food tour in Malaysia. 

Food Tour Malaysia 

  1. Nasi Lemak

There are many delicious foods in Malaysia’s food menu but the most loved dish by the nationals of Malaysia is known as Nasi lemak. This is the dish that I recommend you to try whenever you visit Malaysia. You will find this dish in the different varieties but mainly this dish is cooked with two ingredients rice and coconut milk. It is served with spicy sambal chili sauce Over the pocket of rice and garnished with the hard-boiled egg on the side wrapped inside a banana leaf. It is also served with the buffet of Malaysian curries with a plate of coconut rice.

Nasi Lemak is the best street food in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. 

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  1. Ikan Bakar

If you are a fish lover then Ikan Bakar is the best food in Malaysia that you must try. The fish that is grilled in Bahasa Malaysia is known as Ikan Bakar. The raw fish is covered with a blend of chili paste that makes it more spicy and delicious. It is grilled over charcoal wrap in a banana leaf. It is served hot with a plate full of rice and curries, garnished with some vegetables. A special dip named “Kecap Manis” is also served to add some more flavors.


ikan-bakar malaysia food.jpg


  1. Nasi Kandar 

Nasi Kandar is a Malaysian food found mostly in Penang. This dish is influenced by an Indian dish. Nasi Kandar is a dish that is made of rice and it is supported by a stick. This dish originated from a Malaysian village. At present, it is served with rice and Indian style curries.




  1. Curry Laska And Assam Laska

Your mouth will start watering when you will see a bowl full of laska. The first bite of laksa will make you even more hungry and stunned because of its flavor. You will find two types of laska in Malay food, Assam laksa, and curry laksa. In Assam laksa, long noodles are served with the Murky brown fish soup whereas in Curry laksa long noodles are served with coconut milk curry that is extremely delicious with spicy flavors. This dish is presented in different manners in the different parts of Malaysia but mostly you will find the bowl full of soup and seafood that is garnished with the herbs and coriander leaves.


curry-laksa-malaysia food.jpg


  1. Char Kway Teow

One thing that I love about Malaysian people is that they love to eat food and this is the reason why Malaysia is my favorite place. If you want to indulge in a conversation with Malaysian you can start talking about char kway teow. If you are in Malaysia and never search for the best Malaysian food near me  you will find char kway teow in the list. This dish is prepared with rice noodles that are cooked on high flame With eggs, Bean sprouts, Chives, and shrimp. It is mainly served in the banana leaf and garnished with the coriander leaves. I can bet with you that after eating one plate you will not be able to stop yourself from ordering another one.

char-kuay-teow malaysia food.jpg


  1.  Hokkien Mee

Another delicious dish of Malaysian food culture is the Hokkien mee Recipe, which originated from China. Like all the Malaysian food this recipe is also found in many variations like Hokkien char mee, and prawn noodles. I love this dish because of its dark-colored fried noodles. This is prepared with the fried noodles on high flame and soya sauce to add some flavor. Hokkien mee Is the most famous food in Malaysia


hokkien-mee malaysia food.jpg


  1. Nasi Campur

Nasi Campur Is the dish that you will find all over Malaysia. It is popular among the street food of Malaysia. This is prepared with rice, vegetables, and grilled fish. It is served in the Banana Leaf with the scoop of rice, along with the grilled fish, and some delicious curries garnished with some vegetables.


nasi-campur malaysia food.jpg


  1. Bak Kut Teh

Bak Kut Teh means “meat bone tea”. This dish is cooked slowly with the herbs and soothing spices. Malaysian people usually eat it as a dish for breakfast. This dish is garnished with tender pork, raw garlic, and chilies. The first time when I tried this dish I couldn't stop myself from eating it. 




  1. Ayam Percik

Ayam Percik means chicken with percik sauce. People who are familiar with KFC chicken may not be surprised after hearing the name Ayam Percik. This type of chicken is prepared in a barbecue slathered in a mixture of Ginger sauce, garlic, and spicy Chillies with coconut milk. This amazing recipe will leave you stunned. If we talk about Malay cuisine then the name comes “Ayan Percik”.




  1.  Redang ( Beef, Chicken Or Lamba )

It is commonly known as Malaysian curry that is prepared with beef Chicken or Lamba in coconut milk and spices. It is prepared on the simmered flame so that the meat can observe the spices and enrich the flavor until the liquid is completely evaporated. You can find this dish all over Malaysia during the festive season.




  1. What is Malaysia's famous food?

There are many famous Malaysia food, some of them are named here:

  • Nasi lemak

  • Ikan Bakar

  • Curry Laska and Assam Laska

  • Char Kway Teow

  • Hokkien Mee

  • Nasi Campur

  • Bak kut Teh

  • Ayam Percik

  1. Which is the national food of Malaysia? 

The national food of Malaysia is “Nasi Lemak”. You can find it anywhere in Malaysia. 

  1. Is Malaysia’s street food safe?

Yes, Malaysian street food is safe. There should be no such confusion because there are some strict food safety laws.

  1. Is drinking alcohol allowed in Malaysia?

Yes, drinking alcohol is allowed in Malaysia. There are no such rules as not drinking alcohol. Even traffic on the import of alcohol has been reduced. 

  1. Is Malaysian food too spicy?

Yes, Malaysian food is prepared with lots of spices and flavor. Dishes are not always prepared with chilies but some amount of chilies is always included in it.

  1. Can we drink tap water in Malaysia?

As said by the government of Malaysia drinking tap water is not safe because it is not clean and may have bacteria. So you should always drink boiled water or packed water.

  1. Is alcohol cheaper in Malaysia than in any other country?

No, alcohol is not cheap in Malaysia in fact in Malaysia alcohol has the highest price in the world.


Malaysian Food recipes are famous all over the world. Facts about Malaysian food is that it is cooked with lots of spices to enrich its flavor and to make it more delicious. People all over Malaysia love to have Malaysian snacks because they are mouth-watering. Malaysia is a hub of Malaysia kitchen recipes that are easy to cook. One thing that I would personally recommend to you is that you should go for a Malaysian street food tour in Kuala Lumpur that is loved by every tourist and nationals of Malaysia. 

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