Malaysia Passport and Visa Photo Requirements and Size 2021

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When applying for a Malaysian visa, you must additionally provide two photographs of yourself with your application. Malaysian visa applications, on the other hand, are subject to stringent processing standards, and the photos you provide must meet the Malaysia visa photo standards. In this article, we will learn about Malaysia Passport and Visa Photo Requirements. So read and find out.

Size of Malaysian Visa Photo:

The photograph you submit with your Malaysian visa application must be the following size:
  • 35 mm in width by 50 mm in height
  • Your face should be in the middle of the photograph and take up roughly 30-35 mm in height.
  • The gap between the top of your head and the top of the photograph should be about 5 mm.
  • Between your chin and the bottom of the photo, there should be roughly 5-10 mm.

Other Photo Requirements for Malaysia Visas:

Your photo must also meet the following Malaysia visa photo standards, in addition to size:
  • The Malaysia Visa photograph must be taken in a professional studio.
  • The visa photograph must have been taken within the last three months.
  • There can't be any boundaries.
  • It is necessary to color the image.
  • It must be taken in front of a white, pattern-free background.
  • The image should not be enhanced or manipulated in any way that might cause your skin color to be misrepresented.
  • It should have a sufficient amount of brightness and contrast. There will be no over-or under-exposure, shadows, or glares.
  • Any distinctive traits, such as a birthmark or a scar, must not be removed from the photograph.
  • If the photo has a red-eye, you must retake it rather than editing it out.
  • The image should be printed on high-quality photographic paper. A colored photocopy or a scanned image will not be acceptable.
  • The photo must be free of wrinkles and staple marks.

Children's visa photo requirements in Malaysia:

Aside from the above-mentioned standards for a Malaysian visa photo, if you're submitting a photo for a small child, make sure it fits the following criteria:
  • The youngster must be the only one in the photograph. This implies you won't be able to hold them in the photo.
  • There must be no additional items in the image, such as toys or bottles.
  • With a closed mouth and a neutral facial expression, the youngster must face the camera.

When applying for a Malaysian visa, what further documents do one need?

When applying for a Malaysia visa, you should have the following documents in addition to the two photographs of yourself:
  • The application for a Malaysia Visa will be fully completed when the details are submitted as per the Malaysia Passport Photo Requirements and Size.
  • The passport must be valid.
  • Itinerary of flights
  • Accommodation proof
  • There are no objections Proof of sufficient cash in the form of a letter from your employer
  • Evidence of payment of the Malaysian visa fee
  • Vaccination Certificate for Yellow Fever (if applicable)

Malaysia Tourist Visa Eligibility Criteria:

One of the prerequisites is that the traveler should have a valid national passport and meet the visa application Photo Requirements and Size. To handle their visit, they must also have a strong financial record. Malaysia restricts certain people from entering the country under Section 8 of the Immigration Act 1959/63.
Even for a tourist visa, the additional qualifying condition for a Malaysia visit visa is determined by the nature of the visit. If a visitor comes to Malaysia as a medical tourist for treatment at a hospital or medical institution, the hospital or medical institution, as well as Malaysia's Department of Health, may have extra requirements.

The procedure for obtaining a Malaysia Tourist Visa is as follows:

The application process for a Malaysia Tourist Visa can be started by visiting one of the VACs or by applying online through our website which provides complete information about Malaysia Visa Requirements. The required documentation, as well as any additional necessary information based on the grounds for your visit and its categorization must be submitted next.
You will have a face-to-face interview after all of your documentation has been submitted, reviewed, and approved. The interview is an inevitable component of the application process. After that, you'll get a digital code that you may use to verify the status of your application. 
Within 7-15 days of the registration, the Requirements for Malaysia Visa which are submitted during the application is approved or denied. You will be notified via email, phone call, or mail.
The Malaysia Visa fees are divided into categories based on the purpose of the visitor and the type of visa requested. Whether you are seeking a single entry, multiple entries, or transit visa, the cost to Apply Malaysia Visa remains the same. Individuals intending to remain in Malaysia for a short time and those intending to remain for a longer time pay the same which is mentioned at Tourist Visa Online website. When it comes to calculating the ultimate cost of travel insurance, the length of the trip, as well as the number of passengers, is a deciding element. The reason for this is that in such a situation, the insurance company must examine additional variables to proceed further. 
This was all about Malaysia Passport and Visa Photo Requirements and Size 2021 that you need to know about. So get your Malaysia Visa and visit the beautiful nation.

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