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Cambodia Flag

Cambodia is a country where you will be able to feature many exciting and adventurous things which are completely unseen ever. Cambodia flag is specially featured at Angkor Wat; it has been significant as the popular heritage of Cambodia. Angkor Wat simplifies every story and has the evidence of ancient times; it’s the ancestor's creation and all religious activity is usually practiced there. Cambodia also had a deadly and painful history during Khmer rule, more than 2 million people were killed. Cambodia's visit will make you know about the rural story of homestay adventure. Cambodia believes in horticulture, where weddings are celebrated for six days. A very indiscretion practiced is also there in Cambodia; they used to eat insects, ants, as their dietary. Cambodia's main water source for their cultivation is none other than their popular lake known as Tonle Sap. Tuk-tuk is the popular mood of travel in Cambodia.


K-1 Visa About

K-1 visa is only applicable in Cambodia if a displaced person marries Cambodian citizens. This visa is mainly used to gain Cambodian citizenship well for generating a visa Cambodian embassy must ensure proper, justifiable married proof from the applicant. By obtaining a K-1 visa evacuees can stay only for three months in Cambodia; Later; the dates can be extended further. To obtain a K-1 visa, the aspirant must appeal to USCIS, DHS, and LPR; after their approval, your K-1 visa will be processed. According to the immigration law, the aspirant must meet the Cambodian citizens before the marital process and the marriage is only possible after two years stay in Cambodia.

Process Of Obtaining K-1 Visa 

  • Step 1- Visit the tourist visa onlinesite, select your destination and apply for the form I-129F. This form is only applicable online; no embassy of Cambodia will take the responsive.
  • Step 2- wait for the approval of the petition 
  • Step 3- After receiving the email from NCV, you will be eligible for a K-1 visa
  • Step 4- Proper payment for registration and service charges must be paid by the aspirant.

K-1 Documents

  • Complete form print of 1-129F must be presented in front of the Cambodian embassy.
  • The intended period must be well found in the passport of the aspirant.
  • Policed properly verified certificate
  • Place of birth and birth evidence proof is required
  • Relationship status with proper evidence of marital testimonial must be present in front of the embassy.
  • All paid status must be documented
  • A proper medical check certificate is essential. 
  • Eyewitness and guarantee of marriage must be presented during the verification process.
  • Cambodia officers and embassy may also be asked for photos and albums; for additional details; you may also keep an eye on whether your marriage is defensible or not. The interview process will be conducted two both the marital applicants separately so that to verify they're and recheck their documents. All the documents will be returned to the aspirant after all the verification processes are obtained.


K-1 Visa Processing

Visit tourist visa online as it promotes and ensure all visa-related news and updates on the site. All the updates are genuine and rechecked before promoting on the site. If you are confused regarding the visa application process, check it out in tourist visa online as all kinds of required visas are available on the site, and can be easily processed by the contender. After providing the evidence and proper justifiable records of the aspirant in the site processing will be conducted. After the visa is secured by the aspirant, this test is conducted by the embassy-

  • A proper health examination will be conducted and scheduled under the Cambodia doctor's presence and by following their guidance.
  • Interview will be conducted by the embassy according to the checklist which will be given to the aspirant
  • If the interview is missed or not followed by the aspirant, the visa will not be applied without the foreign minister's agreed letter.
  • Before health checkup vaccination must be obtained by the aspirant.
  • Extra fees will be charged for this processing and after payment, this process will be conducted.


Medical Exams

This process will be conducted after submitting these documents

  • History of any kind of passed illness paper or prescription must be obtained.
  • Certificate of booster injection is required
  • Passport evidence
  • An appointment letter must be obtained
  • Image of the aspirant is required
  • Extra charges will be charged for issuing reports.

Police Certificate Of Cambodia

After obtaining a K-1 visa, the aspirant must appeal to USCIS, DHS, and LPR; after their approval, your K-1 visa will be processed. This process will only be conducted after applying in the 1-129F form. This application is needed before you are willing to live in some country or again you want to travel to some country; this process requires time. So it's advised to apply for it before three months of traveling to your destination.

  • Connect to your nearby police station and appeal to them for a clearance letter or records of criminal acts; after their processing, you will be issued with a police certificate.
  • If you are traveling to another country and wish to travel to another country in the future, their police certificate is also required.
  • The police certificate must obtain the entire validity of the aspirant's stay history.
  • Must have properly stamped certificate issued by the police authority
  • If any cases or criminal records are obtained that must be included in the letter.

The police certificate expires after 12months, so the aspirant must apply after one year before traveling in the future. Below 16 years no police certificates are required and during processing biometric/ fingerprints of the applicant will be taken by the police authority for the verification process.

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