how to check the eligibility criteria for a suriname e visa

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Wondering to lay your hands on Surinamese land and explore the greenery surroundings and enormous landscape? Well, a Suriname visa application form is necessary when applying for a visa to Suriname. The application enables you to get your gate pass to travel around the country and get access to its adorned architectural and aesthetic wonders.

However, an error-free application form process is still hard to do activity for many. Also like other countries, Suriname is liable to give extra benefits to its 52 friendly countries. So before going to the visa process through the application. One must go through with the eligibility criteria or eligibility check to access the visa.

These criteria can save your time and can even save you from on arrival security prison. Eligibility criteria refer to the required documents, age, your purpose to visit, no. of staying days and your nationality. This service is informed you that what are the necessities you must have before exploring the country. It is also possible, may you do not require the visa.

Let’s look after the eligibility criteria for Suriname E visa

Suriname E visa will only allow staying of 60 days, on both of the entries. If in case, you wish to extend your tour, then you can extend your e-visa once for maximum no. of 30 days. Afterward, no more extensions, a tourist will have to leave the country on the 90th day in Suriname.

If you are willing to tour the country for 90 days continuously on a single visa without the process of extension, then you are liable to apply for a Tourist card and not for e-visa. Besides, the Surinamese government didn't hand the tourist card to all the nations. There are only 52 nations in the world, who are eligible for the tourist card. You can get more information here

    • You can check the visa eligibility by visiting  Suriname Visa. When you filled the questioned dialog boxes, you get in contact with the visa requirement section. This section reveals, whether you are in the requirement of a visa or not.

Your eligibility also depends on required documents demanded by the Surinamese government; the following documents are:

    1. Valid passport of at least 6 months from the date of arrival and have at least 1 page available for the Immigration stamp.

    2. Passport cover and bio page

    3. The formal list of your itinerary

    4. Confirmed flight tickets (in case of single entry)

    5. The multiple numbers of photographs, sized in 3*4 cm.

    6. Signed formal cover letter from the applicant, which reveals the purpose of the visit, either for tourism or business or employment.

    7. Ratified accommodation/ staying address in Suriname, it may be hotel or keen’s place

    8. Details of your debit/ credit card as a proof, that ensure your stay in Suriname

In case if you are sponsored, these two documents will also be added in your application form

  1. Letter of Invitation of the invitee (in case of sponsored), this letter is commonly submitted in the pack of business visa documents or visitor visa documents
  2. Copy of ID card of the invitee, that revels it Surinamese citizenship
  3. If you are calling your children, who are below the age of 18, the child must have a signed parent consent letter either copied or original.
  4. As I explained further, the E tourist visa will only allow you to stay a period of 60 days but if you wish to stay more than you will be only extended to 30 days more. Here a case of the eligible country must come in the pace. Because if you wish to visit the country for 90 days consistently, it’s better to go with the Suriname Tourist card rather than an e-tourist visa.
  5. The purpose of the visit to eligibility criteria performs a huge role. Because visiting visa is only allowed you to visit the country not to attend the business meeting and pursuing your job or studies from Suriname. There is a separate visa for every other activity. So, if your purpose to visit in Suriname is different, you must go through with the required documents mention above.

Suriname student visa, business visa, and employment visa are sponsored kind of visa. Because you are landing in the country to represent that particular organization and to work with that organization, only after the legal organizational permission. So, it means they are taking up your responsibility until the date you stay in the country's territorial borders.


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