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Tajikistan is popular among the whole World for one of the most adventurous trips of hiking and mountain climbing. If you are the person who is in love with an adventurous trip like this then you should go and apply Tajikistan visa this is going to be the memorable trip of your life. If you are not aware of how to apply Tajikistan visa there is nothing to worry about as we are here to assist you and will help you to get your visa in just a matter of a few minutes. Now you may be thinking that how is it possible to apply for the Tajikistan visa in just a few minutes so be with us. Because we are going to tell you how you can apply for your visa and what will be the requirements that you should be ready with. 

Procedure to apply for Tajikistan visa 

When we have to follow a simple procedure to apply for the Tajikistan visa which may include four to five steps. Are you ready to know about the complete procedure that you have to follow and if yes then start reading carefully the below procedure?

The first step-

It is a very initial step in the procedure and is important because it is going to tell you whether you can travel to Tajikistan or not. If yes then what are the conditions you have to follow. Not only this but here you will come to know which country citizens can travel and what is the maximum time for which we can stay in Tajikistan. In this step, you have to read about the Tajikistan visa policy where each of the things will be explained and you will find the answer to whether you are eligible or not to visit Tajikistan.

The second step

As you reach on the second step your most of the day has been clarified by just having a look at the Tajikistan visa policy now you can move for the and disturb you have to check whether you have to apply for your visa online or offline. We will recommend you to apply for your visa online because this will save your efforts and time at the same time. Not only this you have the advantage to avoid those long queues outside the embassy. 

Third Step- 

If you are selecting the online means then you have to search for a service provider who is authentic and provides the services for the visa type you want. We recommend you to visit one of the best websites and service providers around the globe. The Tourist visa online is the only service provider who has provided service for more than 240 countries. When it comes to reviews customers have rated it five stars in services.


Now I have reached the website successfully you have to select the option named as visa and you will reach on a page where you will find three options where you have to fill three types of information. 

  • you will be asked to fill the name of the country where you are living currently.
  • you have to fill in the name of the country where you wish to visit.
  • you also have to fill the name of the country of which you hold citizenship.

The above information is careful because this is very important in the procedure to apply for your visa.

Step 5- 

As you have filled the name of the country where you want to visit now you have to fill in an application form in which you have to fill many important forms of yours like your personal details, passport details, and many more. The one thing that you should keep in mind while completing the application form is the details you should be accurate up to your knowledge. So you fill the application form and have a look at the article Tajikistan visa application where each and everything is explained in detail.

Step 6- 

Now as you are done with the application form here comes the time to upload all your documents in the file format which should not exceed more than 3 MB. The few important documents that you will require when applying for the Tajikistan visa are given below:

  • Passport with the validity of 6 months
  • Latest passport size photograph
  • Proof of financial stability it can be your bank account statement
  • Your return tickets
  • The address of the hotel in the place where are you going to stay

Well, the above was the general requirement for getting a Tajikistan Visa but if you want to know in detail then you can read Tajikistan Visa requirements.

Frequently asked questions 

Q. Where can I apply for a Tajikistan Visa? Which is the most trusted service provider?

We Recommend you to apply for a Tajikistan Visa from one of the best service providers that are a tourist visa online. you can get the solution of all your problems like tracking your Visa status and many more. you can go to our website and fill the application form after which you will get your Visa between 10 to 15 working days. 

Q. How can I know whether my Visa is being processed?

To know whether your Visa is being processed you have to check the current status of your Visa. If it shows that it is under processing then there is no need to worry it means that your visa is being processed and she will get your visa soon. on the other hand, if you see that your Visa is not processing further than you are in trouble because maybe your Visa has been rejected. 

Q. What if my Visa is rejected?

If your Visa is rejected then you will not be able to visit the country. You have to apply for a new Visa. We recommend you to apply for your Visa as soon as possible and to check the causes of your Visa being rejected previously.

Q. Can I Apply for my Visa after its rejection?

Yes, you can apply for your visa after a rejection is no particular time. For the reapplication of Visa. We recommend you to fill the application form again and add some additional information so that it is not rejected again for the same reason as the previous one. 


It is very important to know about the complete details before you proceed further with the process to apply for a visa application. Explain what are the steps that are crucial and should be followed by every visitor who desires to apply for a Tajikistan visa online. If you have any other confusion in your mind related to the process of visa application or any of the question you can ask us anytime because the team of Tourist visa online is available 24 * 7 to assist you.

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