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Most of the people visit Tajikistan because of the famous Paris plateau. It is one of the highest regions in Central Asia with the approximate distance covered of 800 kilometers Which is 7000 meters above the sea level. Everyone dreams to visit Tajikistan but only a few of you are aware of the Tajikistan visa policy but let us tell you all that without knowing about the visa policy of Tajikistan you may not be able to understand that how can you visit the country and what criteria you have to follow and which Tajikistan visa you have to get for yourself for visiting Tajikistan. How can you imagine applying for a Tajikistan visa online without any Prior knowledge about a visa policy of a country that's foolish and if you don't want to be the part of those people who do this then you should have a look at this article we have tried to explain Tajikistan visa policy to the best? Tajikistan visa fees should be considered before applying for a visa online.

Tajikistan Visa Exemption

Visa-exempt countries are those countries whose citizens do not require any kind of visa to enter Tajikistan. It also means that the citizens of the following countries are exempt from getting a visa for Tajikistan and can travel freely around the country anytime. So, hey are you excited to know about the list of the countries if yes then be with us and read the list below where you find if you are among the ones who can travel without any issues or difficulties. But wait visa exemptions for the different countries have been categorized. So let's go through the first one.

Unlimited Stay

The below list represents the countries whose citizens can stay in Tajikistan for an unlimited period.

Belarus Georgia Kazakhstan
Kyrgyzstan Moldova Russia

90 days stay Visa-Free Stay

The nationals of the following countries can stay in Tajikistan without Visa up to 90 days but after it if we want to extend the trip then they have to get a visa for themselves.

Armenia Azerbaijan Ukraine

30 Days Stay Visa-Free Stay

This is the last category of the visa exempt countries and the citizens of the following countries can stay in Tajikistan up to 30 days.

  • Uzbekistan

Diplomatic passport holders

A diplomatic passport is issued only to the special person of a country for some special purpose of their visit to any foreign country like Foreign Affairs ministers and the officials of a particular country. it is really very important to notice that this kind of Passport is not issued to any random individual. That is why this passport comes with a lot of advantages like visiting another country without having a visa for that country.

Below we have given the list of the countries which can visit Tajikistan without any kind of Passport if they have the diplomatic passport or the official passport of a particular country.

Brunei China Hungary India Iran
North Korea Pakistan Romania South Korea Turkey
Afghanistan Turkmenistan Uzbekistan ? ?

Tajikistan E-visa

E visa is an electronic travel authorization visa which is issued to the foreign nationals who want to visit Tajikistan and choose to get the visa by using online services. E-visa can be obtained by applying online. But this is not given to the nationals it is limited up to few countries who fall in the below list and make themselves eligible for catering and e visa.

This visa is launched by the Tajikistan government to increase tourism. This step was taken by the government on 1 June 2016. Something that you should keep in mind is that the e-visa is only issued to nationals who want to visit the country for business or tourism purposes. This visa is linked with your passport to your passport number.

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus
Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany
Hungary Italy Ireland Latvia Lithuania
Malta Netherlands Poland Portugal Romania
Slovenia Spain Sweden Vatican City Venezuela
Yemen Albania Algeria Andorra Angola
Antigua Argentina Australia Bahamas Bahrain
Barbados Belize Benin Bolivia Bosnia
Brazil Brunei Cape Verde Canada Chile
China Colombia Costa Rica Cuba Dominica
Dominican Republic Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Fiji
Grenada Guatemala Guyana Hong Kong Iceland
India Indonesia Iran Israel Jamaica
Japan Jordan Kuwait Lebanon Libya
Liechtenstein Macao Malaysia Maldives Mauritius
Mexico Monaco Mongolia Montenegro Morocco
New Zealand North Macedonia Norway Oman Pakistan
Panama Papua New Guinea Paraguay Peru Philippines
Qatar Saint Kitts Saint Lucia Saint Vincent San Marino
Saudi Arabia Senegal Serbia Seychelles Singapore
South Africa South Korea Sri Lanka Suriname Switzerland
Taiwan Thailand Trinidad Tunisia Turkey
Turkmenistan United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States Uruguay
Czech Republic Greece Luxembourg Slovakia Vietnam

Electronic visa application

All the countries are eligible to apply for an electronic visa application by using online services. If your applications is approved you will get your visa at the Dushanbe airport in Tajikistan. But make sure that you select the right options when you fill this application form.

Tajikistan Visa on arrival

Your nationality really affects which country you can visit and which country you cannot and similar is the case with Tajikistan. Arrival is issued only to the few nationals and this visa can be obtained at any of the ports or the point of entry in Tajikistan. Is very popular as it is easy to obtain and doesn't consume much of your time. Only the nationals of 72 countries are eligible to obtain a Tajikistan Visa on arrival so that's good news for you if you are one among those countries whose citizens can obtain Visa on arrival just after landing at Dushanbe International Airport of Tajikistan.

Algeria Finland Malaysia South Africa Andorra
Slovenia Malta Spain Argentina Germany
Mexico Sweden Australia Greece Monaco
Switzerland Austria Hungary Mongolia Thailand
Bahrain Iceland Morocco Tunisia Belgium
Indonesia Netherlands Turkish Brazil Ireland
New Zealand Turkmenistan Brunei Israel Norway
United States Bulgaria Italy Oman United Arab Emirates
Canada Japan Philippine Vatican Chile
Jordan Poland Venezuela Croatia South Korea
Luxembourg Vietnam Cuba Kuwait Qatar
Yemen Cyprus Latvia Romania Czech Republic
Lebanon Saudi Arabia Denmark Liechtenstein Singapore
Egypt Lithuania Slovakia Estonia ?

Frequently asked Questions

Q. I applied for a Tajikistan Visa but it was rejected. What can be the reasons behind its rejection?

There are a lot of factors that may be acting before the rejection of your Visa. Some of them are given below:

  • It may be incomplete documentation.
  • If you have not filled in the application form properly it can be one reason.
  • If you have not followed the guidelines the required documents.
  • If you are not eligible to visit Tajikistan.

Q. What is the difference between Visa refusal and the rejection of a visa?

There is a huge difference between the two terms Visa refusal and rejection of a Visa.

Visa refusal- It means that Your Visa is rejected because you're not eligible to enter a particular Nation or Your Visa is refused because of denial of your entry in the country.

Visa Rejection- That's your Visa that rejected you for some particular reasons like the incomplete documentation. In this case, you can check the cause of rejection of the visa.

Q. Does the embassy check the bank account of a visitor applying for a tourist visa?

The Embassy does not check the bank account that is why you are asked to submit the bank statement of your past 3 months. It's time to recognize whether you can support your stay in the country or not.


The solution to all your problems is here in this article of the Tajikistan Visa policy. Well, all of you are aware of the fact that all the citizens cannot visit Tajikistan. So you can check your eligibility criteria by having a look at this article and that will help you to get your visa for further.

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