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An Important factor that all of us have to consider at one point in time when planning the budget for a trip to Tajikistan, Tajikistan visa fees is important. What if we say that you can get your Tajikistan visa at the most reasonable prices?

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Tajikistan Visa Fees 

Here you will Come to know how much you have to pay for the Tajikistan e-visa fees

For Tajikistan tourist visa fees you have to pay the below amounts which are given in the table:  

Government Fees 75 USD
Service Fees 26 USD 

Frequently asked questions 

Q. Do I have to apply for a Visa again if my previous Visa has expired without using it?

Yes, you have to apply for another visa for Tajikistan even if your previous Visa has expired without using it because the visa has a specific time for which it is valid. If your Visa is expiring on the same day of your visit then also you have to apply for the new Visa for visiting the country. 

Q. I want to visit Tajikistan for a meeting with my business colleagues which will be the best suitable visa for the visit? 

If you want to visit Tajikistan for your business meetings then you should apply for your business Visa which is specially designed for such type of business-related activities. From one country to another can visit without any problems with the business work.

Q. I want to visit Tajikistan to meet my husband but I'm confused about which visa to apply for?

The best visa you should apply for a Family Visa is because your husband is already living in Tajikistan this Visa comes with a lot of advantages like your husband can sponsor your stay in Tajikistan if he has the permanent residents of the country. 

Q. I want to explore Tajikistan and want to visit the country for tourism but I'm confused. Is it a safe country to visit, should I visit that place or not?

Yes, you should visit Tajikistan. There are no threats to tourists in the country because the government has strict laws for the safety of tourists. Your Country Sports very less number of cases related to any kind of violence or criminal activity. But you should be careful about your stuff because you may find a few cases of robbery which is common when visiting any of the nations in the world. 

Q. I am visiting Tajikistan as a tourist after a few days but before visiting the country on a tourist visa I want to know about the climate of the country? 

The average temperature in Tajikistan ranges from 23 to 30 °C (73.4 to 86.0 °F) in July and −1 to 3 °C (30.2 to 37.4 °F) in January. The country has good climatic conditions. The temperature is cool and if you love the cold weather then you can visit the country in December. It's considered as the best time to visit the country. Most tourists visit the country at this time. 


So what are you waiting to apply for your Visa now at the most reasonable prices? We have tried to explain as many as questions you have been asking us for a long time and if you wish to ask any other questions feel free and ask us without any hesitation. 

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