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Being one of the most famous & modern countries all over the globe, the US has introduced a really well modified United States visa policy. This renowned country attracts literally billions of travelers for any tourism-related or work on educational purposes. Based on each purpose of the visit, the US Visa policy has introduced various types of visas, which is easily affordable and one can apply online or offline. So planning a trip to the United States soon? Well, guess what! You are just in the right place! With the assistance of Tourist Visa Online, you can easily get the best Visa services at a really affordable price. With 24/7 hours availability, we promise you a totally safe & secure online transaction and proper privacy to all your personal information. But before applying for a US visa, let's get to know all the details about the United States visa policy. 

What is the US visa policy?

As per US immigration law, the US Visa policy deals with foreigner travelers all over the world traveling to the United States including all the visa requirements, restrictions, eligibility, exemption, and so on. This visa policy has two very important prospects - the US visa and the US ESTA. Both of these have different criteria and requirements. But as per this policy, there are various types of visas applicable for each and every purpose of the travelers. So before applying for one of the US visas, you must require a clear concept about this visa policy and in this article, you will get to know about everything! 

Types of US visa:

The visa policy has introduced various types of US visas that can be applied for every single purpose of a foreigner traveler. Those visa types are: 

  1. Tourist or Business Visa 
  2. Work Visa 
  3. Student Visa 
  4. Exchange visitor Visa 
  5. Ship crew or transit Visa 
  6. Religious worker Visa 
  7. Domestic employee Visa 
  8. Media and journalist Visa

These visas are also divided into various categories, like: 

  • Type B Visa 
    1. B1 Visa 
    2. B2 Visa 
  • Type H Visa 
    1. H1-B Visa 
    2. H2-A Visa 
    3. H2-B Visa 
    4. H-3 Visa 
    5. H-4 Visa 
  • Type L Visa 
    1. L-1 Visa 
    2. L-2 Visa 
  • Type O Visa 
  • Type P Visa 
  • Type Q Visa 
  • F-1 Visa: 
  • M-1 Visa: 
  • Transit visa 
  • Crew visa

US ESTA visa: 

The visa policy of the United States has another important part that is the Visa Waiver Program. According to this, there are 39 selected countries that don't need to obtain a visa to stay in the US, rather they need to apply for a US ESTA. ESTA generally applies to the citizens of the eligible countries who are traveling via air or sea but not land. It almost costs the same as any other US visa but gives more facilities. It generally comes with a valid duration of 2 years with multiple entries but for each entry, a person can stay around 90 days or less. To learn more about this please visit: (add my article) 

US Visa exemption:

According to the visa policy of the United States, there are two different types of visa exemption. What is the general visa exemption applied for 5 selected countries and another one is the visa waiver program which is applicable for 39 countries.

General visa exemption: 

Citizens of these five specific countries don't need to obtain any visa or pre-approval registration before their arrival. Those specific countries are: 

Canada Bermuda Marshall Islands Micronesia

Visa waiver program:

The citizens of the selected 39 VWP countries don't need to obtain any Visa but they need to apply for the ESTA, so their visa exemption rule is different from the general visa exemption. Those certain countries are 

Andorra Australia Austria Belgium Brunei
Chile Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland
France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland
Ireland Italy Japan Latvia Liechtenstein
Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Monaco Netherlands
New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal San Marino
Singapore Slovakia Slovenia South Korea Spain
Sweden Switzerland Taiwan United Kingdom  

US Visa processing and validity: 

  • The United States visa policy takes really less time to proceed with a visa but as it totally depends on the authority it is our responsibility to give them proper time to proceed with our visa. If it is not so urgent then one must apply for the visa at least 14 days before their arrival. The authority generally takes 3-5 days for a visa to proceed. And with express visa service of tourist visa online, one can get the visa within 48 to 72 hours. 
  • Each visa comes with a different validity period and stays duration. Generally, with a tourist or business visa, one can stay for 180 days for each entry and with an ESTA, one gets the validity period of two years and one can stay up to 90 days for each entry in the United States. Generally, visas come with multiple entries or sometimes a single entry. 

US visa fees:

Generally, the US visa fees vary with different conditions and various websites. But with Tourist visa online one can get the US visa with the best services, at a very reasonable price. As per our website, a US visa or US ESTA costs around 65.0 US dollars where 39.0USD is the visa fee and 26.0USD is the service charge. For more details visit: (add my article) 


Q. How much money do I need to show in order to get a United States tourist visa?

A. There is no such rule for the authority about the bank balance on the money. You need to show the balance just for the assurance of the authority that you can afford the whole journey and your stay in the US yourself. So it is better if you are able to show 5000-10000 US dollars.

Q. Why did my visa get rejected?

A. There can be various reasons for a visa to get rejected like if you have overstayed in your previous visa if you have any crime related background or past or if you have not fulfilled all the requirements or provided any wrong or fake document. For all these reasons visas can get denied by the authority of the United States. 

Q. How can I get a 10 years visa validity? 

A. Generally, with a tourist visa or B1/B2 visa, you can get a 10 years validity period but for each entry, you can stay up to 180 days but not more than that. 

Q. What happens if I overstay than my visa validity period?

A. One must not overstay without extending the visa validity period. Or else he or she will be banned for next 3 years from travelling to the United States and the overstay amount will be added in the next entry or as soon as the ban gets over or they will be fined. 

So the above article has told you all about the United States visa policy. So one must need to maintain the rules and regulations of this visa policy and strictly follow the requirements and restrictions in order to get a trouble-free trip to the United States. 

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