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From serenity to luxury, the USA houses everything within itself. The perfect travel destination for the people who want a totally different experience is when they visit New York. A trip to the US is not complete unless and until you visit New York. New York impresses people of all age groups. The glitzy city is like and hated by many, but should be visited once in a lifetime. The numerous jewels hidden in this crowded city should not be missed, and for that reason we have brought along the best New York vacation guide, so that you have a smooth experience when you visit the country.


When you are traveling to New York City, and you are unfamiliar with the city, it is better if you avoid renting a car.  On top of that, it is also really difficult to find parking in New York. So what should be the mode of transportation for you? Since, most of the travel attractions are situated close to each other; it is convenient to visit them by foot. You can also make use of public transport and taxis too. This is one of the most important tips for New York City tourists.

For the families traveling with kids, the best mode is taxis for short distances. The cab fares in New York are relatively low, and you will not have to go through the maps while traveling in the subway. However, to get the experience, you can take the subway once with a New York City subway trip planner. But, avoid doing that during rush hours. Also, while there are many cabs driving around the city, during rush hours, it may get difficult to catch one. To ease it up, you may look up at the light at the top of the cab. If the light is lit, it means that the cab is not taken. You should add 15-20% extra for the tip on the fares.

Also, keep in mind that the only licensed taxis are the yellow cabs. Hence, avoid getting on any other cab.

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This could be a fun way to enjoy the city of Manhattan. The circle line cruise offers two and a half to three hours tours across New York. This tour will offer you the beautiful view of the city’s skyline, along with the harbor. These tours are operated between March to December for vacation.

If you are traveling on a budget, you can take the Staten Island ferry. This operates between Staten Island and Manhattan. During the ride, you will get to pass the statue of liberty, the skyscrapers of Manhattan, and the ships in the harbor.


An inexpensive and popular way to view the spectacular city is by foot. This is probably the best way to get a sense of how enormous New York City is. To add essence to your New York trip, you can walk through the museums and shops and discover New York on your own.  There is always the option of booking a cab and getting back to your hotel if you get tired of walking. If you are walking with your kids, you must keep an eye upon them so that they don’t get lost.


For the NYC trip planner, you will be needing hotels to stay in. Here are some of the hotels that you can stay in during your visit to the country.

  •         Hyatt place: This is a three star hotel which is located at a five minutes’ walk from the empire state building. It offers free Wi-Fi, refrigerator, a corner sofa, work desk, and also a coffee maker in each of the rooms.
  •         Hotel Belleclaire: This is a four star hotel situated in New York’s upper west side. It offers free Wi-Fi.
  •         The New Yorker hotel: This is a famously historic four star hotel located in midtown Manhattan. It is a two minutes walk from the Madison square garden situated opposite to the Penn station. It also offers free Wi-Fi.
  •         Bedford hotel: This is a three star hotel located at a three minute walk from the grand central station. This hotel offers easy access to the shopping and dining options in the city. The rooms have microwaves, TV, coffee makers, and also free Wi-Fi.
  •         TRYP by Wyndham Times square South: This is a three star hotel located at a three minute walk from the Penn station. This hotel provides free Wi-Fi to the visitors.


You may need some travel tips when you travel to a new country. Look down for New York travelling tips:

  •         Always get your sim card from official stores: Always buy the temporary sim cards from the official stores. If you try to buy it from other stores, you will have to pay for that when they are actually free. You only have to pay for the plan and not for the sim.
  •         Do not try to slow down the people who are in a hurry: Almost everyone in NYC is busy in the streets. The locals are extremely friendly and helpful. But, you should try not to slow them down for their daily routine.
  •         Never enter an empty subway car: This could be the best New York travel tips advice for you. While empty subway cars bring solace, you should not get into them for safety reasons.
  •         Say no to freebies: Chinatown and little Italy have underground stores that people fall prey to. They provide Gucci, Prada, etc for half the price. But you should know that they are a fake. You should absolutely not try them.
  •         Coffee means black coffee: If you head out to a café and order a coffee, you will be given a black coffee, without sugar and milk. Hence, if you want milk coffee you have to mention latte or cappuccino.
  •         Airbnbs and hostels are actually illegal in NYC: This is not applicable entirely. You can stay in AirBnbs if the owner is present there at all times and you have to stay for more than 30 days. Some of the hostels around the city are licensed and operate with the hostel like amenities only.

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We hope the information provided in this article will help you for your New York City itinerary planner. If it is your first time visit to New York City, you do not need to worry about the same anymore. This complete New York vacation guide is what you will need when you plan on visiting the amazing states.

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