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Recently registered for your US visa? Now worried about where your visa application is now and when will you get it? Just check out your US visa application status! And if you don't know how to check your visa status online, you are just at the right place. In this article, you will learn everything about the United States visa application status in detail! 

With the assistance of Tourist Visa Online, you will learn every detail properly with genuine information. But if you have not applied for a US visa, you are just at the right place!! Apply US visa and get the best visa facilities. But now let's get a clear concept about how to check your visa status online! 



  • What is the US visa application status?
  • Visa status checking processes
  • Visa statuses for the applicants
  • FAQs 


What is the US visa application status?

After applying for a US Visa you must be wondering about its status and that's quite natural. But nowadays it has become really easier to track your visa online. Either you can track the visa from the website, from where you have applied for the visa earlier or you can even choose any consulate website from where you can check the status yourself. To check your visa status, you can apply any of the 3 popular steps. Let's find out what those three ways are! 


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Visa status checking processes

If you want to track your visa online then there are three easy ways, by using any one of these ways, you can learn about your visa status in just a blink of an eye! 

Process 1: So in case of the first process, you firstly need to go to the website from where you have applied for the US visa. Like if you have applied through our website 

Tourist Visa Online, you have to go to the section “Track Visa Status” (, then you have to just need to two really important information: 

Application ID: You can find this application ID on the approval or acknowledgement email that you get from our website just after you completed your visa registration on Tourist Visa Online. Passport Number: just check your valid passport and you will get this number. So in this way, you can easily get to know about your visa status online. And generally with our website, the whole visa processing takes around 2-3 days and we will keep on updating about the visa status if you say so. 

Process 2: Sometimes it happens that the applicant might lose the visa application ID somehow by deleting the email or so. In those cases you can learn about your visa status just by using your passport number. Firstly you have to contact the travel agency or website from where you have applied for the US Visa and provide them your passport number so that they can help you to find your visa status. Or you can even choose any website where you may have to submit your passport number, date of birth and some other required details to track your visa online.

Process 3: If you have applied for the US visa through the official website of the government of the United States, then you have to go to the official website of the Consular Electronic Application Centre (CEAC), Bureau of Consular Affairs, US Department of State. And there you have to choose your applied visa type and provide a few important details: 

  • DS-160 barcode number
  •  Name of the interview location  

So by using one of those above-mentioned processes, you can easily get to know about US visa application status. 


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Visa statuses for the applicants:

So when you track your visa status you can find 5 different types of visa statuses: 

Application Status Pending: So if your visa status says this point then it means your visa application has not been processed yet and it is still under the observation or the embassy has not received your application yet. Or it can also be due to some updating error at that location and it will show the proper status after you arrive on the interview.

Application Received: So this application status means the embassy has received your visa application and if your documents and other evidence are alright then you will get the visa within two days. You can check the visa status again after 2 business days if you have not received the visa till then.

Administrative Processing: This application status means your visa application is undergoing administrative processing. That means they are checking if your provided information is alright. And this page will give you the final decision about if your visa is gonna approved or not. If the authority is taking a really long time then probably there is some fault on your documents or they will contact you soon. Or you can just contact the website from where you have applied for the US visa.

Issued: If your visa application status shows issued, then it means it has gone through the final processing and you will probably get the visa within a few days. for further information, you can contact the embassy or consulate for the travel agency website.

Refused: The status means the consular office has denied your visa application. Now you need to contact the consular authority to know what has gone wrong. And yes, after a visa has gone through the whole administrative processing, only after that you can learn about this status. Now you can either will be contacted if any further additional information needed or you have to apply for the visa again after correcting the whatever got wrong. 


Q. Can my visa application get denied after the approval?

A. The whole visa approval and denial depends on whether all your information and documents are alright and if you have qualified the interview properly. So after your approval for the interview if you can't get qualified in that or any of your documents are fake or invalid your visa application will get denied. 

Q. Does administrative processing mean denial?

A. No, of course not. The administrative processing just means the treaty is checking if all Rio information and documents are alright and if you are eligible for the United States visa. After the administrative processing, your visa application will either get the approval or the denial 

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