What is Gratis Visa

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International Harmony

At the end of the second world war, the world understood that cooperation is a more viable option to build a more peaceful environment for the flourishment of all the nations. The United Nations was formed to facilitate this initiative and establish world peace. After the wanton destruction in major parts of the world, nations from across the world formed unions and associations that encouraged regional cooperation through trade and various exchange programs. This included opening up of international borders to nationals from foreign states that have cordial relations with them. An example for this can be the European Union where people can travel between the member states without acquiring a visa. Similarly, there are several instances of countries offering visa to other countries and to individual applicants free of charge. As a convention, it has been common for nations to declare a set of countries or individuals who can avail visa services without any charge.
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Gratis Visa

The word ‘gratis’ has roots in the Latin word ‘Gratia’ which means ‘grace’ or ‘kindness’. The word literally translates to ‘without charge’ or ‘free’. Gratis Visa, therefore, is a term used to denote the exemption granted to a specific set of individuals who are issued permit to enter a country without taking any charge from them. Different countries have different motives behind making such an exclusion. For the most part, gratis visas are offered to residents from nations who have friendly relations with the host country. Alternatively, gratis visas are offered to diplomats, officials and special invitees. The government of a nation plays a critical role in determination of policies that control who will be issued a gratis visa. Additionally, the prevalent socio-political conditions in the state and its geographical vicinity are also strong influencers of the same. 

How to Apply for Gratis Visa?

Conventionally, gratis visa is made available to the tourists by two different means:

1. Through Visa on Arrival Services 

The gratis visa can be issued to the tourists as and when they arrive inside the national boundaries of the country. The applicant can fill out the form at the office of the Immigrations Department and immediately receive their visas.  

2. E-Visas

The E-Visa services are virtual services where applicants can apply for E-Visas through the official portals of the government. The entire process has been moved online where applicants have to upload the soft copies of their documents. The visa itself is delivered in virtual form, commonly to the email inbox of the applicant. 

Examples of Gratis Visa

It is often said that United States Passport is one of the most powerful passports in the world. Citizens of the United States have been exempted from visa application process of 187 countries including Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, and the United Kingdom. Another example can be the visa policy of India where Gratis Visa is granted to diplomats and UN Officials who are travelling to India on duty or on invitation of the Government of India. Individuals who have been awarded scholarships under Exchange Program are also granted visa free of cost. Additionally, in favour of bilateral arrangements, visas are issued free of cost to nationals of Afghanistan, Argentina, South Africa and Uruguay. 

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