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Planning a trip to the United States? Do you know all about the United States visa requirements? The US is undoubtedly one of the most famous destinations for people all around the globe. The visa policy of us is really modern and well developed which you strictly need to maintain. There are so many types of visas that require different kinds of documents and evidence to prove that the applicant meets with all the qualifications needed.  If you are applying for a US visa with Tourist Visa Online, we will provide you all the information required and guide you in a proper way so that you do not face any kind of problems. So keep calm and there's nothing to worry about, you just have to provide all the required documents. Now let's have a clear concept about all the information related to the US visa requirements


  1. US Visa Basic Requirements 
  2. Required Documents for Some Certain US Visas 
  3. Required Visa Fees 
  4. Time Required for US Visa 
  5. Conclusion 

US Visa Requirements:

Being one of the most demanding visas all over the world, it has a few very important visa requirements that one must need to follow, in order to enjoy a trouble-free journey. So here are all the details of the required documents, you need to learn about. 

Visa application form:

  • Generally, it depends on if you are applying online or offline, but in both cases, you need to keep a copy of a properly filled up application form with all desired documents.
  • If you are applying for a US nonimmigrant visa, you need to carry a completely filled online application form DS-160.
  • You can also get and fill this form online by using the Consular Electronic Application Center. 
  • You must provide the visa payment receipt, especially applicable for the payment of $160 for a nonimmigrant US visa. 

Valid passport:

Your passport must be valid for six months or more than your planned stay in the United States. The passport must contain at least two blank pages to get the immigration stamps and visa attached to it. For some of the countries which are under visa exemption, they don't require any visa, only the passport is a highly important document for them. So they may have to present a copy of the first and last informative pages of the passport, but only if they are asked for it. 

Current photographs:

You have to provide a copy of your recent photograph in passport size and in JPG, JPEG or PNG format. Please keep a few copies of your recent photograph, while coming for the interview. 

Information about social media:

You must provide a list of all the social media that you are using currently. You also have to prove the right account name, phone number, and the email ID that you use for each app and social media activity history for the last 5 years. 

Airline tickets and hotel reservation:

To the US authority, you have to present the confirmed flight tickets and a proper letter stating all about your plans while staying here. You also have to confirm where you are staying in the US like reservation documents for a hotel or rented house or proper evidence if you are staying at a friend's house. 

Enough financial support:

you also need to present proper evidence to prove that you are financially stable and can afford your whole stay in the US. In this case, you may need to present: 

  • Documents for the last six months of bank statements and transactions.
  • Proof of your income tax return statements

Family details:

In this case you mainly need to present some of your personal information, like: 

  • Birth certificate 
  • If you are married, then the marriage certificate 
  • Close family photographs, especially with the persons you are traveling or for those family members who stay in the US 
  • If you are adopted or have adopted any child, then the adoption certificate 
  • If you got divorced, then divorce certificate 
  • Spouse’s death certificate and so on 

Invitation letter:

You must present an invitation letter from any legal president of the United States, under whom you are going to stay here including your family and friends stating about the relationship between you and that they are willing to invite you to stay at their house and that they have enough room. 

Employment details:

if you are an employee staff or if you are coming here for any implement related purpose there are few things you need to provide that are: 

  • you must need to present a letter stating all about your purpose and the details of your employment like OK where you are employed, the company or organization name, salary, from which period you got employed, the authorized vacation, only if you are employed. 
  • If you are a retired person then you need to provide the pension book. 
  • If you are a self-employed person then you need to provide a few details, like your license, the certificate from any reputed organization, and your earning details. 
  • If you are coming to us for employment then you must submit the invitation or acceptance letter from the reputed 
  • Documents for the last six months of bank statements and transactions. 
  • Proof of your income tax return statements 
  • Required Documents For Some Certain US Visas: As per the visa policy of the US visa there are a few visas who require some specific documents in order to prove the applicant's eligibility. Those are: 
  • Requirements for Student Visa: For the confirmation of a student visa applicant needs to provide a few details to the authority at the interview. Like: 
  • company or organization of the US, your qualification details, and other important documents. 

Property documents:

if you have your own property in your hometown which is a huge plus point, especially in case of the nonimmigrant visa applicants which proves that you have strong ties with your home country and you won't stay here forever. To prove all these, you need to present a few important documents while you are meeting with the authority. Those are: 

  • Your original property ownership papers 
  • A few photographs of that property 
  • Personal affidavit regarding the property 

Fingerprint details:

another important requirement is the fingerprint correction. You have to provide the fingerprint either at the embassy or while you are meeting with the authority. Only the people who don't need to provide the fingerprint are: 

  • Children under 14. 
  • Elders over 79. 
  • A-1, A-2, G-1, G-2, G-3, C-3. 
  • NATO applicants. 
  • People who are physically unable to give their fingerprints. 

Previous US visas:

if you have visited the United States previously, you must present the previous visas that you have used for entering here at that time and other required details regarding this. Generally, the authority needs these previous visas only to prove that you have entered here before and properly eligible for this facility. 

Required Documents For Some Certain US Visas:

As per the visa policy of the US visa, there are a few visas who require some specific documents in order to prove the applicant's eligibility. Those are:

Requirements for Student Visa:

For the confirmation of a student, the visa applicant needs to provide a few details to the authority at the interview. Like:

  • You have to prove that you got admitted to any reputed institution of the US and a confirmation letter from the institution. 
  • The institution must have to be under the Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) and the student has to pay the SEVIS I-901 fee and as well as the normal visa fee and submit proof of payment during the meeting with the authority. 

Requirements for work-related US visa:

For the work type US visa applicants must need to prove that they are eligible by providing a few really important details that are: 

  1. Diplomas and certifications to prove that they meet the criteria of eligibility 
  2. Bachelor, Master, Doctorate or any professional degree of your educational qualification 
  3. Resume or CV 
  4. Job acceptance letter from the organization of the US or job offer from any legal employer of the United States. 
  5. State license, if required 
  6. Proof of extraordinary abilities and so on 

Required Visa Fees:

The US visa is not much expensive and with Tourist Visa Online, you can get the best visa facilities at the cheapest price. The applicant may need to pay around 65.0USD where 39.0USD is for visa fee and 26.0USD as the service fee.

Time Required For US Visa: 

Time For Applying For The US Visa: It takes around 15 to 20 minutes to apply for a US visa online from the website of Tourist Visa Online. You have to fill the application form with proper general information, upload the documents and pay online then just wait till you get the visa. 

Time required for US Visa To Be Proceeded: Generally the whole visa processing system takes around 3-5 business days to proceed the visa. But with the Express visa service of Tourist Visa Online, you can get the visa within 48-72 hours without running after any embassy. 


Q. What are the documents I need to bring for the US visa interview?

A. The applicant needs to bring a few supportive documents and evidence to get qualified in the US visa interview. Those specific documents are: 

  1. The appointment letter (received from the NVC) 
  2. The valid passport 
  3. 1-2 copies of the applicant's recent photographs, obviously colored and in passport size. 
  4. Original and certified copies of your civil and educational documents 
  5. DS-160 confirmation page And if possible take other supportive documents and evidence with you as well. 

Q. How many months of bank statements are required for the visa?

A. Generally, you need to provide at least 5-6 months of bank statements as the authority needs to keep a track of how much you can afford. 

Q. How much bank balance is required to apply for a US visa?

A. There is no such rule for the minimum required bank balance or so. The authority just wants to assure that you can financially support yourself at any condition. Though it's better to have an amount of around 10k-15k USD as your bank balance. 


So the particle tells you about all the United States visa requirements which are very important for the US visa policy. The applicant just needs to follow all the requirements and instructions to enjoy the whole trip to the US without any trouble. Hopefully, this article has cleared all your doubts and if you still have any answer inquiries please contact Tourist Visa Online. We are 24/7 available just to assist you. 

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