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Visa Expiry date is knocking at the door but your purpose of visiting the United States has not completed yet? Well, no worries!! Just go for the US Visa Renewal which is one of an important part of the United States visa policy. Wondering about what the US visa renewal actually is! Guess what? You are just in the right place! With the assistance of the Tourist Visa Online (www.touristvisaonline.com), you will learn about everything details regarding the visa renewal of the United States including all the requirements, application process, and other important. So what are you waiting for?! Get your concept all cleared up! 

What is US Visa Renewal?

As soon as your current US visa expires, you either have to leave the country or you need to renew your visa before the original one expires. The whole thing stays the same just as the original US visa, only the validity period gets renewed. But it again depends on which type of visa you have applied back then. If you have the H-1B visa, you can work for an extended period, or in case of B1 or B2 visas, you can stay for business or tourism & transit-related purposes respectively for up to 90 days for each entry until the visa expires again. Let's get some basic knowledge! 

Basic Knowledge: 

  • You can only apply for the renewal after the previous validity of the visa expires. But if your passport gets expired, you won't be able to apply for the visa renewal with an expired passport. 
  • The US immigrant visas are permanent, so they can't be renewed, but for nonimmigrant visas, you can easily apply for the visa renewal. 
  • Remember another thing, in case of the visa renewal you can't change your visa type. So if you want to go to the US for another purpose, you must apply for a new Visa regarding your purpose of visit. 

US Visa Renewal Requirements:

The whole processing of the US Visa renewal including the requirements are almost the same as applying for a new Visa. You need to submit somewhat the same documents back again. These basic requirements include: 

  • Your current passport must have a validity of six months or more. 
  • Your current visa (in whatever type it is). 
  • Your recent photocopy (must be taken within the last 6 months). Please do not submit the same photograph of your previous visa. 
  • A copy of the appointment confirmation statement. 
  • Other supporting documents, like: documents regarding educational qualification confirmed job letter or any invitation and so on. 
  • Previous 6 months bank statements and tax return files. 
  • Airline tickets and hotel reservations or home rent documents. So these are some basic requirements which one must need to submit either while applying for this visa for while on the interview appointment. 

US Visa Renewal Application Process:

The visa renewal process is also kind of the same with the original application process of any other US visa. Let's have a glance! 

Step 1: Payment: In the case of the US visa renewal process firstly you have to do the online payment via using: 

  1. Stripe 
  2. PayPal 
  3. PayTab 
  4. Directly from the bank account. 

Remember without getting the online payment done you can't proceed further. 

Step 2: Fill the application: Now either you have to submit the DS-160 form or the nonimmigrant application form online. You can either do it via any website or at the consular electronic application center. After completing this you will get a confirmation ID. 

Step 3: Submit all the documents: Finally you have to submit all the required supporting documents as mentioned above. Remember never even think about submitting any fake or invalid documents or else your entry can get banned temporarily or even permanently. 

Step 4: Interview schedule: After you get qualified in all the above steps you will be selected for the interview with the authority on their representatives and they will give you a schedule. As per this schedule, you need to arrive at the proper time. 

US Visa Renewal Processing Time & Validity:

The whole US Visa renewal processing time and the validity almost take the same time as the original visa. 

Visa renewal processing time: it takes around 3-5 business days or more for the Visa to proceed. Yes, it is quite a time consuming, so you need to keep patience. 

Visa Validity:

It totally depends on the type and the validity period of your original visa. If your actual visa you had the validity period of 2 years previously, after the visa renewal you will again get the same duration. 

US Visa Renewal Fees:

You need to pay the exact same amount that you have paid on the application of the original visa. Though the visa fees keep on changing as per the conditions and the websites, you will undoubtedly get the best visa facilities at a very reasonable price with Tourist Visa Online. We only charge an amount of 65.0 US dollars including the visa fee of 39.0 USD and 26.0 USD for the service fee. 


Q. Can I apply for visa renewal before my US Visa expires? 

A. Yes, you can apply for the US visa renewal. But please make sure your visa expires at a maximum of one year in the future. But there is no such authorized rule for this. 

Q. Can I renew my US visa in the US?

A. Only the diplomatic or official passport & visa holders and their spouses and unmarried children (under the age of 21 years) may renew them in the United States. For all the other visa types that applicants must need to apply from the US embassies or via any website from their home country. 

Q. Can I travel to the US if my visa expires in 2 months?

A. You can legally stay until your official visa expiration date but you have to leave the country as soon as the visa expires. And after the visa renewal, you can return to the United States. 

Hopefully, the above article gave you proper detailed information about the US visa renewal which includes all the information regarding the visa renewal application process, requirements, and basic details. 

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