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Djibouti visa is an official document that permits you an access in Djibouti for whatsoever the reason may be, be it tourism or any other official reason. It is required when you are planning to travel to Djibouti. Thus, if you belong from the country which belongs to Djibouti Visa non-exempt list, you surely need to apply for a visa. Dear Indians, you do belong to the country which is on the list of visa non-exempt countries. Apply for the visa before you travel via Tourist Visa Online and enjoy the tour without any hardships in Djibouti!


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  • Why apply through tourist visa online?
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  • Covid-19/Corona precautions to be taken
  • FAQ's

Where is Djibouti situated?

Djibouti is a beautiful east African country situated in the Horn of Africa (in East Africa). It is surrounded by the countries namely Somalia in the south, Ethiopia in the south, and west, Eritrea in the north of Djibouti. The Red sea and the Gulf of Aden are located in the east of Djibouti. Across the Gulf of Aden is a beautiful country, Yemen.

Because it shares its boundaries with the Red sea, it has various transportation hubs situated at the Red Sea and also in the Indian Ocean. It has one of the busiest shipping hubs. It is a principal port for imports and exports for the nearby country, Ethiopia. 

What is a Djibouti visa?

An official document that permits you to enter the Djibouti country without any restrictions is called a Djibouti visa. You can get different types of visas on the basis of the reason for your visit to Djibouti.

But before that, know whether you need a visa or no. If you belong from one of the visa non-exempt countries, (mentioned as per the Djibouti republic) then you surely need a visa. Whereas if you belong from one of the visa-exempt countries, you surely don’t need any kind of visa. Your ordinary passport will be checked at the airport and you will be let in on the basis of the same.

How to apply for Djibouti Visa?

Djibouti Visa for Indian Nationals:- 

  • There are diverse ways to apply for the Djibouti e-Visa, either via online ways (Online visa application) or via offline ways.
  • If you are about to apply offline, you will have to visit the nearby visa processing embassy and get the visa application process initiated.
  • But if you are looking forward to applying for the visa in the simplest way online, without any kind of hardships, please do check the website Tourist Visa Online.

Steps to apply for Djibouti Visa:-

  1. Your country of citizenship (India)
  2. The country you are currently staying in
  3. The country you want to visit/ the visa of the country you want (Djibouti)
  • Firstly you will check if the visa is required for you or no.
  • If the visa is required, the rates will be displayed on the screen accordingly.
  • If you agree, proceed to the application form.
  • Fill in the details, make the least errors.
  • Upload the asked documents. (Make sure that the images aren’t blurring and clearly scanned. Also, the documents should be the recently updated ones.)
  • Make the payments (either via credit/debit cards or via PayPal) you might get multiple payment options.
  • You will get a confirmation mail on the registered mail Id.
  • Also, you can keep a check on the visa status while processing the visa.
  • After the visa is succeeded, you will get it via the registered mail or you can also get it via the website itself.
  • Download the soft copy and get the printouts on A-4 sized papers.
  • And that’s all, you have the visa, you are ready to fly!

Tourist visa online

Dear Indians, Touristvisaonline has enabled visas to the citizens of more than 200+ countries globally. They also have a great experience in their work. They have 99.9% success rates.

Thus any individual applying for the visa via this website will have the least number of delays and a great express service. The reviews given by the tourists worldwide are all in the favor of the services of this website!

Why apply through tourist visa online?

You should definitely apply via Tourist Visa Online, but when you have a question, why tourist visa online, please take a look at the following!

  1. No delays at all
  2. Express service
  3. 99.9% of success rates
  4. Affordable and cheap rates
  5. No hardships at all
  6. Get a visa in just a few simple steps!
  7. The agency and all other member co-ordinate perfectly well with all your crisis
  8. 24/7 customer service.

Official website of Djibouti 

Visit the Djibouti website to get the recent updates regarding tours and travels in the times of the covid-19 crisis. Also, make sure of the other important documents required along with the visa and the passport.

The official website is as follows: -

Covid-19/Corona precautions to be taken

  1. Get the required medical reports as demanded by the government of the particular country you are traveling to.
  2. The medical reports should include "Covid-19 negative" results.
  3. If you show the symptoms of Covid-19 while traveling, you need not to worry; you will be effectively quarantined and treated medically.
  4. Stay at least 6 feet away from whatever people you surround. Follow the social distancing norms strictly.
  5. Wear masks compulsorily, carry a hand sanitizer everywhere you go. Make sure you don’t get much into the contact of possibly infected touchpoints.
  6. Stay hydrated, stay healthy, stay safe.


Q. For how long is my Djibouti visa valid?

The Djibouti visa validity and stay period entirely depends upon the type of visa you select.

  • 30 DAYS VISA- Valid for 90 days.
  • 3 DAYS VISA- Valid for 14 days.

Q. What is the cost of a Djibouti visa?

The cost of Djibouti visa depends upon two things:-

  1. The country you are currently staying in 
  2. The citizenship as mentioned on your passport

Thus the cost will fluctuate accordingly!

Via Tourist visa online, Djibouti visa For Indian nationals





26.0 USD

48.0 USD


26.0 USD

37.0 USD


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