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Every country has varying specialities. Djibouti, a dessert country in east Africa also has its own esteem. As and when we make a visit, we wonder 'what is the best time to visit'; in order to absorb all the marvellous pleasure and explore the best. Read ahead and you might get to know all you absolutely need right now! For entering Djibouti, you need to Apply Djibouti Visa.


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Djibouti is a warm desert country located in the Horn of Africa, in East Africa. With Islamic as the dominant community, the two groups of people found are Somali and Afar. It’s a multi-ethnic nation and has a population of 921,804 inhabitants. It’s the smallest country in the mainland of Africa with preserved and rich culture and heritage.

Tourism in Djibouti is growing with the growth of their developmental infrastructure. It attracts almost 80,000 tourists positively contributing to the growing economy. Lake Abbe and Lake Assal are a great reason for hundreds of visiting tourists.

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Djibouti tourist attraction

How unique it might be to visit some of the rarest places on our planet! Yes, Djibouti is absolutely worth giving a chance!

  1. Djibouti is surrounded by the Gulf of Tadjoura, the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. It's one of the finest sites.
  2. It has beautiful coral reefs surrounding the southern entrance of the gulf. Thus enriching the flora and fauna making it more attractive and study worthy.
  3. The population is mostly living prestigious urbanization and least rural existence. Almost 4/5th of the population lives in the urban areas of Djibouti.
  4. It is well known for the religious mosque and its heritage. With rich culture and traditions, one can also find a peaceful journey while enjoying the devotion.
  5. It has mountainous ranges spread over the northern parts. A relieving walk enjoying the landscape is all anyone might look for.
  6. Salt lakes also form a major part of tourism. How about if you are interested in studying the different Salt lakes, this is the place you can look forward to.
  7. Most fascinating thing of this country is its expansion in the field of shipping through the seaways! This gives access to the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. Yes, you heard me correct. It has an abundant amount of portal regions busy in importing and exporting goods.
  8. The national parks, the preserved flora and fauna are quite some of the relaxing views.
  9. It has a favourable climate with beaches and islands. Scuba diving, fishing, tracking, hiking etc are some of the fun activities the tourists encourage.
  10. Last but not least, the ones interested in volcanic activities might find great studious materials Djibouti. It has extinct volcanoes and a brief history regarding the same.

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Best time to visit Djibouti

The best time to visit Djibouti is exactly from the month of October until the month of April. The winter sets in during this time period. Breezy mornings and calm weather make the place most visited in this time period. Visitors would love the cold climate instead of the hot humidity which it often posses in the remaining months.

Djibouti tourist visa

A visa is an authorized document which allows you to access and enter the premises of Djibouti. There are different types of visas issued based on the reason you are visiting Djibouti. Similarly, the tourists can look for the Djibouti Tourist Visa. All other country citizens strictly need a visa while entering Djibouti. Except for the Singapore citizens, they can enter Djibouti with an ordinary passport. As well as, the China citizens with passports issued and endorsed with "for public affairs" can enter Djibouti with the same passport.

Tourist visa online

There are diverse ways to apply for the visa. But then the authentic info and transparency is something which goes amiss with most of the websites. Thus you may worry more about whether to trust?

Make sure you give a chance to the Tourist Visa Online which has organised and provided visas for more than thousands and lakhs of customers till date. You need to follow simple steps and get the services in the most affordable rates!

Steps to apply for Tourist Visa online

  1. Visit Tourist Visa Online
  2. Enter your citizenship, the country you are currently staying in and the country you want to visit.
  3. The rates will be displayed accordingly, if you agree, you may proceed.
  4. Fill in the details in the provided Djibouti Visa application form.
  5. Upload the necessary Document Required for Djibouti Visa.
  6. Make the payments via whichever convenient online mode.
  7. Your visa will be in the process, you will get the notifications time and again via the registered mail.
  8. Once over, you will get the soft copy of your original visa via mail. Get the printouts on A4 size papers and you are absolutely ready to visit Djibouti!

Precautions for Covid-19

The ongoing trauma of the Covid-19 pandemic is worth keeping in mind while travelling. Make sure you have appropriate medical certificates and checkups done. The country you might visit can reject your entry for lack of any of the necessary documents imposed by the actual Government. Thus make sure you get notified and prepare accordingly.

Other than that, wear masks time to time, maintain the social distancing norms, avoid handshakes and visit the public places only when necessary. Also, keep yourself sanitized and hydrated time and again.

Responses via the tourists!!

Many tourists who have visited Djibouti out of their love to travel explained how relieving it was to have Djibouti as an option. With best hotels and restaurants, from food culture to the most hospitable living facilities, it's literally a worth visit.

The nurtured Mosques and the traditional values are of great importance as well.

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It's a beautiful one; with hot and humid climate throughout. But when the winter sets in, the best time sets in! The beaches, the islands, the gulfs, the seas, the culture, the sun, the horizons are all adorable like any simpler thing twinkling high up in the sky.


  • Djibouti visa on arrival 2018

On 18th February 2018, a law was enforced by the respected government of Djibouti. It says that visas on arrival system have been taken down since then. Therefore you only have access to the transit visa/Djibouti visa (for any reason) via online method. If and only if you have a transit visa via the online resources or the official Djibouti visa regulatory organizations then and only then you would be given the access in Djibouti.

  • Is Djibouti expensive? Cost of living in Djibouti?

Currency wise, 1 USD = 177.815 DJF.

Cost of living in Djibouti is 215.62% greater than that in India.

  • What is Djibouti best known for?

Djibouti is well known for the Lake Abbe and Lake Assal. In the tourism sector, the coral reefs, the busy ports, the trade via the Red Sea and the Indian oceans, all these are very fascinating thus attracting and increasing the tourist population.

  • Do I need a visa for Djibouti?

Yes, you surely need a visa for Djibouti because if you are from visa non-exempt countries, you will be strictly denied the entry in Djibouti. Only the citizens of Singapore and the citizens of China (under special conditions) can travel in Djibouti with a normal ordinary passport itself.

  • How much is a Djibouti visa?

The Djibouti visa cost completely depends upon two factors:

  1. The country you are currently staying in.
  2. Your citizenship as per mentioned on your passport.
  • Is Djibouti Arab country?

No Djibouti is an African country located in East Africa on the horn of Africa. The Somali and the Afar are two ethnic groups in Djibouti. About 94% of the population follow Islam as their religion.

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