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Djibouti is a military-based country. It's an independent country and its economy depends on its imports business. In Africa, Djibouti is recognized as the smallest country. Djibouti's official language in France and Arabic. Djibouti is bordered by Somaliland and Eritrea. Djibouti's main attraction is a wildlife sanctuary. Djibouti's average rainfall is quite less, and mostly this country is dry. As its 90% is a desert area. Djibouti has solar and geothermal potential. Djibouti's economy mainly depends upon its increasing exports. Well, for tourists it can be a great place to visit.

Travel visa- specifies

Travel visa is for tourists and travelers; it can be easily obtained. It takes hardly 3-4 days for processing. Djibouti embassy except for travel visas; also offers business visas. It offers two types of visa; firstly, a single visa- it is obtained only for a single person. Multiple people are not allowed to enter the embassy; its validation can be for 30 days, or 90 days so the applicant can choose their criteria. Secondly, Multiple visas- with this more than one applicant is allowed to visit the embassy for a maximum period of two years.

Travel Visa Requirement

To obtain an e-visa you need to have valid documents for this

  • A recent color photo (passport size) of the applicant is needed.
  • Passport original and photocopy is required
  • Two blank pages are required for the Djibouti embassy stamp.
  • Health certificate
  • Foreign minister formal verification letter
  • Vaccination documents
  • Immigration letter
  • Flight booking and return ticket is required
  • Hotel booking receipt
  • Bank details
  • No criminal history proof

For visa requirements every document should be valid, then only a travel visa will be generated and any mistake/ invalid documents you e-visa can get canceled.

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Visitor Visa

Djibouti embassy also issued visitor visas, for those who are traveling for a short period. It's basically for a temporary stay visa. This visa is quite similar to a business visa.

Business visa requirements

Well, a business visa is for those who have permits job in Djibouti, Djibouti job and economy are not good for this reason, many are unemployed and the applicant can only apply if this condition is fulfilled.

  • Job permits
  • Residence permit
  • Proper id documents
  • Current color photo of the applicant
  • Job history
  • Professional skills, experience criteria, specialist field
  • On which ground the applicant wants to work
  • Passport requirements are also necessary

How To Apply For Djibouti Visa 

First, visit the tourist visas online platform. You will find a search bar, search, your destination result will be obtained Djibouti, all details with all types of application form will be provided according to your need, choose the form, its application process is quite easy, and genuine. You must provide a valid email id. Complete your process by paying online and an email will be generated regarding your payment details. Visas are provided within 48 hours. Tourist visas online are the most trusted site, but during the fill-up process, the candidate must fill it up properly; otherwise, no money will be refundable if the visa gets canceled.

The interview is conducted after an e-visa is generated

Well, the interview is mainly conducted for verifying their visitor presence and checking legal documents; in that interview, basic information is taken for keeping records.

  • An age of 13 and below is not required for this interview.
  • Above 79 years of age, this interview is required
  • Above 79 years of age that it is not required

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Document required for the interview

  1. Passport
  2. Visa application form photocopy
  3. A signature and color photo of the applicant is needed.
  4. Bank documents
  5. For the trip, the purpose is required to be present there.

The interview is mandatory for obtaining visas as the immigration letter and foreign minister letter, and letter of invitation is to be given to the travelers at that moment.

Djibouti Visa types

Well Djibouti offers many types of visas like

  • Business Visa Specification- after a work license is generated, this visa will be applicable for travelers.
  • Tourist Visa Specification– it can be obtained by all the tourist
  • Transit Visa Specification – only short-time visitors traveling for work purposes can apply for this.
  • Long-Term Visa Specification – after work permits in Djibouti, the applicant must use this visa.
  • Diplomatic Visa Specification – its offer to the Djibouti government and employees

Djibouti currency

Djibouti currency code is DJF and its official currency is the Djiboutian Franc. Travelers can also prefer the US dollar where one dollar equals 177.721 DJF. Travelers should carry the maximum amount of cash before traveling. Debit and credit card facilities are also accepted, but in some regions mostly cash is accepted.

Djibouti Safety

Well you must try this dish when you are traveling to Djibouti

  • Terrorist attacks are quite common in Djibouti
  • Suicide, kidnapping, and bombing are quite common
  • Mainly tourist-targeted places are hotels, restaurants, temples, schools, etc
  • Be aware of places where terrorists are targeting
  • Precautions: avoid visiting, gathering places, keeping doors closed; avoid late-night travel.
  • Beware of scams
  • Drinking alcohol in public places, without permission photography of military camps, buildings, and infrastructure, hunting these activities are illegal.
  • Hospital infrastructure is quite rare
  • Health insurance is not accepted in many hospitals.
  • Must prefer bottled water as river waters are salty

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Djibouti Food

  • Sambuussa- it’s a crispy fried pastry and you can prefer it on your snacks.
  • Fah-fah- it contains goat, camel, and fish; it’s a kind of stew.
  • Laxoox- you can prefer this at your meal tie its quite famous dish of Djibouti 
  • Cambaboor- it's usually served with yogurt, it’s quite a traditional dish.
  • Mukbaza- it's mainly preferred as a side dish, usually preferred at the occasion time. It's mainly preferred with Yemeni fish

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