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The visa requirements in Djibouti visa for Denmark passport holders fall into a number of different categories. These are briefly explained below.

Tourist Visas for Djibouti:

People holding a Denmark passport have the option of either applying for a traditional, paper visa at the Djibouti Embassy in Denmark or can apply for an e-Visa online.

 The Tourist e-Visas are granted to people traveling through Djibouti for tourism, transit, or business purposes. They help save time and hassle and provide a quick way to get visas online. Djibouti e-Visas were introduced in 2018, to replace the traditional Visas on Arrival (VoA), and need to be printed and the hardcopy maintained, prior to the trip. However, these visas are available only to people entering the country via the Ambouli International Airport.

 For all other airports, the applicants need to obtain paper visas. People not disembarking their transit vehicle during transit through Djibouti are exempted from Visa requirements. 

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Documents Required:

The documents required for obtaining the paper visas include:

  •  A passport which is valid at least 6 months from the date of the visa (and containing 3 blank pages);
  •  Two recent passport sized photographs (coloured); 
  •  3 Visa application forms, fully filled and signed;
  •  Personal cover letters explaining the reason for travel;
  •  Proofs of financial funds and hotel accomodation for the entire stay; 
  • Proofs of return air tickets.

 For the e-Visa application, the applicant needs to fill the online application form, and include details regarding the passport information; passport size photographs; along with airline proofs, and proofs of accomodation. After completion of application, the applicants receive an email confirmation, which needs to be printed. 

The normal time taken for processing of the application is about 9 business days, and application must be made at least 3 days prior to the date of the trip. The visas allow only a single entry per applicant. Despite the introduction of the e-Visa system to replace the traditional Visa on Arrival, the latter are still operable. People from all nationalities (including Danish) are eligible to obtain a Visa on Arrival.

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Work Permits in Djibouti:

When it comes to working in Djibouti, the applicants need to hold three supporting documents: 

  • Entry visa
  • Residence permit (which acts as an ID card for foreign workers)
  • Work permit.

The entry visa requirements are quite similar to those for tourist visas, and require the passport to be valid for at least 6 months post the departure date, along with 2 blank pages. The workers are also expected to be vaccinated against yellow fever.

For the residence and the work permits, the workers/employees need to present a valid passport, a long-stay visa, four passport size photographs, and a copy of the company license, a written request citing the details of the position and employer, along with a copy of the employment contract. Depending on the company, the employer may apply for the residence and work permits on behalf of the employee. 

Student Visas in Djibouti:

Student visas are granted for people seeking to obtain education in Djibouti, and are valid for the duration of the study, with a maximum expiration period of 5 years. While applying for such permits, the students are expected to present

  • A copy of the acceptance letter from the institution where the student has applied
  • Proofs of financial funds to support themselves in Dijbouti, and proofs of financial funds for tuition
  • Private medical insurance
  • Proof that the student intends to return to their country post the expiry of the visa.

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The visa requirements for traveling to Djibouti are common to most countries, including Denmark. Earlier, visitors had the option of either applying for a paper visa from the Djibouti Embassy, or for applying for a Visa on Arrival. In 2018, the e-Visa system was introduced, and Danish passport holders are eligible for applying for an e-Visa online through Tourist Visa Online. The Djibouti Visa for Denmark passport holders may be granted either for 14 days or for a period lasting between 15-90 days. For foreign workers, in addition to work permits, residence permits and entry visas are also required. For the former two documents, it is common for the employer to apply on behalf of the employees. Students can obtain study permits for periods lasting the duration of their course, up to a maximum period of 5 years. So, it can be said that there are different types of visa requirements for categories of individuals. 

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