do i need a visa for djibouti

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Do I need a visa for Djibouti? One of the most “Frequent Asked Question” from all Djibouti visa questions. Several countries in this globe are eligible to give special privileges to their likely or friendly nations. 

This privilege of free-visa entry differs from country to country. Not every other country is a part of this visa scheme, usually, this policy is running by the countries to maintain their political and economic balance between each other. 

Under this scheme, chooses countries are empowered to enter into Djibouti as a legal visitor of the nation without a visa, with the passport. Instead of being supposed to carry a Djibouti evisa along with so many other documents, the visitor should have a valid passport as their national identity. 

The biggest advantage of these nationalities is they are liable to make multiple entry trip into the country. 

Djibouti Visa Free Countries

Being a questionnaire of this question, let yourself quickly aware of the fact, that country do allot a visa-free entry to the other nations. So, from here you identified either you are from one of those likely countries or not? Because as I mentioned earlier, not every other nation is eligible for this facility. 

From this given list you’ll get your answer. 

The only information which you make sure to remember is that your multiple stays will be counted as 90 days per entry. Let's look at the list:

  • China
  • Iran
  • Libya
  • North Korea 
  • Singapore
  • Somalia
  • Syria
  • Venezuela
  • Yemen


  • Let’s add another panel into this section. Kenyan citizens of diplomatic passport holders are also allowed to take a visa free-entry in Djibouti. 

Exploring from head to top and you are unable to saw your country in the list, then pep yes, you need a visa for Djibouti. 

You can apply for a Djibouti visa online on tourist visa online. Besides, you’ll get all assured information related to visa procedure and Djibouti visa documents. 

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