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Djibouti history is recorded at their museum through stone built-up, songs, and poetry. Djibouti is the home of Africa Djibouti is an area covered by Africa. Well, in Djibouti more than half of the citizens believe in the Islamic religion. In Djibouti, mostly Arabic and French-spoken people are found and it's also their mother tongue. “Jabuuti" is the Djibouti country's national anthem. In ancient Djibouti nomads used to preserve that through hikes, spices, and in this era its Djibouti's specialty. Djibouti's main popularity is its wildlife that drags tourists' attention. Djibouti is recognized as the 3rd listed country for its wildlife popularity and landscape scenario.

  • Afar and Somali tribes were the first to adopt the Islamic religion.
  • Djibouti is not much able to uplift itself in the agricultural field as most of Djibouti is not suitable for agriculture.
  • After complete independence Djibouti another name is often called French Somaliland.
  • For increasing Djibouti trades Djibouti has a linked up with France and Ethiopia via railways
  • African is recognized as the horn because of its access to the Indian ocean, gulf of Aden, and other significant gateways
  • Djibouti is covered by many plateaus, mountains so volcanic activities are quite rare.
  • Djibouti coastlines are surrounded by the red sea so Djibouti trades and imports are mostly active in the water route
  • Djibouti has deserted and dry climatic conditions. Because of its arid region, Djibouti is a droughts region undoubtedly. Only 1 percent of the land is suitable for agriculture. But sometimes the country suffers from flood conditions because of the Indian ocean. During cyclone the most affected city in Djibouti.
  • In fact of having climatic issues, Djibouti is rich in geothermal emission. Its rich minerals are gold, marbles, limestones, etc. for having the renewable source of geothermal energy it's quite efficient to reduce the cost of power production.
  • Djibouti's population is quite high. But most of the citizens are below 25 years old so it has been named as a young country 

More or less Djibouti has much reason to attract the tourist. Well for its diversified heritage and history have to make Djibouti an attractive country.

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Visa Policy 

Djibouti has quite a complexity regarding visa policy, for some countries nationality and citizens are been offered with free visa policy well for others visa is mandatory before visiting check the government site regarding your visa requirements.

For obtaining a visa you must fulfill these below conditions

  1. They offer 2 nationalities free visa policy, and they can say as long they want to stay well for others foreigner it's offer maximum 90 days stay permission and that also with e-visa
  2. Passport real and original documents should be available
  3. Passport must be required 6 months validation otherwise visa process will be ceased
  4. Candidate must show their traveling and returning flight tickets
  5. Candidate active bank details are required
  6. If they have any past passport they must provide that also
  7. Candidate 4 color photocopy are required and that must be the recent photos of the candidate
  8. Signature is required for checking progression
  9. Residence proof must be given
  10. Letter of assurance should be provided by the countries government from where the citizen is traveling
  11. If a candidate has criminal records then a visa won’t be given to him/her without valid reasons

These conditions and valid information should be provided otherwise the visa won’t be available, without a visa Djibouti embassy and borer entry are not possible.

  • Singapore nationality holder does not require a visa for entering Djibouti
  • China citizen holder also does not require a visa for entering Djibouti 

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Except for that nationality, other foreigners traveling to Djibouti required an e-visa. Visa on arrival is only can be issued by a foreign minister under emergency conditions. Its validation period of stay is 90 days.

  • Business Visa Policy- only workers in Djibouti can have this visa and other this condition 
  • Djibouti corporate office must permit your work here
  • Permanent residence permits documents are required
  • Must agree to the companies long-term agreement
  • Must know about their visa type, whether they can apply for-
    1. Single visa – the only worker of Djibouti can travel
    2. Multiple visas – worker families can also travel through this visa as multiple entries are valid in this visa
  • Tourist Visa Policy– e-visa can be obtained by travelers, this visa is open for normal people visa requirement
  • Transit Visa Policy – travelers for a short visit or work-related visit can permit this visa as its validity is for 3 days.
  • Long-Term VisaPolicy – after Djibouti work permits, workers must obtain this visa within 90 days as it takes a  long time to progress.
  • Diplomatic Visa Policy– only available for Djibouti government employees and especially recommended officers.

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Health visa 

Its been accepted in emergency cases

  • Doctor recommendation is required
  • Valid hospital documents are required
  • Reason for admitting and transferring to Djibouti hospital is required
  • In case of any death issues, the Djibouti embassy and hospital will not be responsible.

Only according to these requirements this visa is available.

  • If you are worried about the application process/ how to get the application form visit tourist visas online. It answers all your questions. There is a search bar on tourist visas online site by typing your destination all information can be obtained along with the application form you want to apply for. It maintains complete security no privacy will be hampered. During the fill-up process, all the documents should be valid otherwise your application will not be accepted. No refundable of money is initiated. Complete your visa application by paying online and your complete application form will be generated via email. A tracking facility is also available.

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