djibouti visa document requirements

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It is very much obvious, that no country in the world could let you enter in their national territory without any security checking. This security checking will be conducted in the form of the ‘’ documents authentication process”. Every country has its traditional rule which every nationality has to follow either he/she is a normal citizen or a celebrity. This traditional rule is followed by Djibouti visa

To gain this Djibouti e-visa, you'll foremost submit some important secondary documents for the formation of your applied Djibouti e-visa.

Required documents for Djibouti E-visa:

To start your process of request for Djibouti e-visa, you will first collect this document with yourself and then pursue your process of requesting a visa.

As the name sounds, Djibouti e-visa is an electronic visa which is easily reached up to you after the successful completion of your visa authentication process.

Remember, the visa authentication process is not done by the embassy or any online agency, but they were the only mediator between you and the Djibouti immigration authorized government building. 

Whenever you finally submit your documents online on Your documents will be forwarded to the Djiboutian government for further checking. Once your documents will be checked by the country's authorized building, your Djibouti e-visa will be delivered/ sent to you by e-mail or to your respective mediating agency.

Documents for Djibouti E-visa:

  • These documents are valid for every three types of Djibouti e-visa, business, transit and tourist. Maybe one or two documents added at the time.
  • You must have a valid passport of 6 months before the arrival of the country's airport
  • If applied from the embassy, multiple passport size photos or if online single scanned passport size photo
  • A complete application form with proper upload documents
  • Because, Djibouti only offers a single entry visit in the country, so you must have a confirmed round trip tickets
  • Your full accommodation proof; submit the details of hotel booking or submit the pan card or citizenship card for your keen/known
  • If you visit the country for business purposes, they must have an invitation letter from the organization.

Note: Djibouti Business visa is only valid till you have a business work in the country and not for tourism purposes, vice versa. And if you caught red-handed, doing such illegal activity in the country, you declared guilty by the respective country court of law.

  • After the final and correct submission of all these documents, you are at the last stage of paying the visa amount to your applied source. 

Without come across from this last step, no agency or even embassy can proceed with your application or visa request further to the immigration authority government building.

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