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Bangladesh is a nation, where you have not found the embassy of various nations. So it is the same as the Djibouti embassy too. So, if you as a Bangladeshi, wish to visit Djibouti, you have an only available option is Djibouti E-visa

Because Bangladesh is the only country, where the Djibouti government did not materialize its embassy. That’s why either the Bangladeshi go-to online or come to India if they wish to apply offline Djibouti Visa application. The nearest embassy is in New Delhi, India for the Bangladeshi natives. 

But obviously, who wonder to spend such a huge cost and time on applying for two visas time by time. Prior, they ought to apply for an Indian visa later Djibouti visa from the Indian Djibouti embassy. That's why the comfiest option for the Bangladeshi nations is to go online with We a team of professional immigrant experts can process your visa quickly and with lest no. of testimonials. 

Required Documents for Bangladeshi natives to apply for Djibouti E-visa:

As I said above, we asked for the least count of documents to process your visa successfully. Take a look at these required Djibouti E-visa documents and take your first move towards the Djibouti E-visa.

  • A complete application form 
  • Valid passport of at least 6 months from the date of intended travel
  • A complete itinerary copy
  • A consent letter signed by the applicant in which he mentioned his/her purpose of visit
  • Passport size multiple photos
  • Confirmed round trip flight tickets
  • Business letter for business visa and employment letter for employment visa
  • Proof of your verified medical certificate 
  • Details of your credit/debit card that proves your staying guarantee in the Djibouti region.

If you are calling your children to Djibouti, then these are some additional documents:

  • Children’s birth certificate, copied or original
  • In case of custody or adopting, photocopy of legal documents must be submitted to the immigration officer
  • If a child is traveling alone, then your child must carry a consent letter signed from their parents
  • Death certificates, in case of parents, are passed away

As soon as possible, you submit these documents online on a tourist visa you are eligible for further process and can get you visa online in your email ID. 

Plan your trip to Djibouti only when you received a confirmation message or e-mail from the or Suriname embassy. 

If you have any queries or you are unable to receive any consent message, you can check the visa status by clicking on the “visa status” option on the home page of tourist visa online. 

To get an update on your applied Djibouti visa status, you have your passport number and application ID with yourself. 

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