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This country has so much to explore. From high mountain ranges to down-town Lake, one can collect several pieces of stuff to add in their travelling diaries. But, before going ahead in your Djibouti tour planning, you first come across with the Djibouti visa policy services. Djibouti offers a different set of visa profits to its visitors, depending on their eligibility and citizenship nation. 

About Djibouti Visa policy 

Being a reader of the pre-mentioned Djiboutian visa policy fact, you will be encrypted with the information that nations have different visa policies according to their territorial concern. 

As you continue reading this article, you'll able to uncover that threes set of Djibouti visa, one explains about Djibouti visa-free countries other explain about Djibouti visa-on-arrival at the airport and the last set reveals about the countries who have applying visa for Djibouti.

However, there are some exceptional countries, whose diplomatic passport holder can also take a free visit to Djibouti without a visa for multiple no. of times similarly like Djibouti visa-free countries. 

Types of Djibouti Visa Policy

There are three types of visa policy that is followed by the Djiboutian government. Let’s discuss each policy in detail. 

Djibouti visa-free countries

As the name suggests, countries under this list can visit Djibouti without applying for a Djibouti visa. This service is available for every citizen of these countries, either rich or poor, celebrity or normal human being. Everyone can take advantage of this set of Djiboutian visa policy, only if they belong from any of these listed nations. 

  • China
  • Iran
  • Libya
  • North Korea 
  • Singapore
  • Somalia
  • Syria
  • Venezuela
  • Yemen
  • Djibouti Visa on arrival

Before 2018, the country is liable for allotting visas on arrival to its visitors but after releasing the new visa law on 1st May 2018 the country is no longer issue the visa on arrival to its visitors and visitors must apply for an E-Visa online. 

Thus, if the country didn't offer you a visa on arrival, then there is no point of wondering about "How to get a Djibouti visa on arrival”. 

Djibouti visa-free entry for diplomatic passport holder natives

This section from the Djiboutian government revels the name of those countries whose nationalities do not need a Djibouti visa if they are a government employee or a diplomatic passport holder. 

Only Kenya is such a country whose nationalities are if diplomatic passport holders then they were free to visit the nation without a visa

Djibouti E-visa policy

Nationality from every nation has to apply for this visa and those who not, they either belong from visa-free countries or either from Kenya, Kenyan diplomatic passport holder. 


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