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First you need to get a tourist visa before traveling to Egypt, and therefore the most convenient way to do so is online. Once an applicant has submitted an application form, they're ready to check the Egypt eVisa status while it's being processed. To apply for a tourist visa check tourist visa online.

The Egypt electronic visa process has been made simple by Tourist Visa Online, with no need to present paperwork face to face at a consulate or embassy or queue at borders for an Egyptian visa on arrival, and therefore the online status check option only adds to the convenience of the method.

Another advantage of using tourist visa online is that the applicant is notified whenever there's a change in their status.

How to check my Egyptian Visa isn't fake:

Follow the steps below to find whether the visa is authentic or not.

  • Visit the official website of Egypt Govt.
  • Click on “General Inquiry”.
  • Enter necessary details
  • If the visa is genuine, the website will display the status and expiry date.

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Check Visa Status

We all know that if a private wants to visit a far off country, he/she must have a legitimate passport and must avail a visa if the country he/she wants to go to needs it. Certain countries offer visa on arrival and visa-free entry to individuals of some countries as a part of their diplomatic relations.

Check Visa Status using the Passport Number

To check the status of the visa application by using the passport number, the applicant would wish to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the official visa website of the country you're visiting.
  • Find the choice of tracking the visa application status
  • Enter the acknowledgment number or passport number and therefore the date of birth
  • Following that, enter the captcha code and click on ‘submit’

While you'll check the status of the visa application using the acknowledgment number or the passport number, it's noteworthy to say that authorities send the status of the appliance on the mobile number and therefore the email address provided within the form on a periodical basis. The status of the appliance is usually sent when the appliance reaches the concerned authorities, processed or reviewed if it's approved/rejected and dispatched for delivery.

It is worth mentioning here that a standard Indian passport comes with a validity of 10 years from the date of issue which may be renewed later. As for visas, most countries offer single and multiple entry options counting on the applicant’s requirements. Applicants can prefer to choose the normal paper-based method or the e-Visa facility when it involves applying for a visa.

Visa Application Process

When applying for a visa, applicants are required to submit proofs of identity, address, and other documents counting on the sort of visa which is being applied for. The visas are often applied for by the government or online sites, like travel visas online. The small print regarding the method, documents required to be submitted, time interval taken for the visa application are often found from the official websites of the immigration department of the respective countries.

To apply for your visa, visit tourist visa online.

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Visa Application Reference Number

Once the applicant submits the appliance for a visa alongside the relevant details at the consulates or any outsourcing and technology services provider, an acknowledgment receipt number is provided. This acknowledgment receipt number is additionally referred to as the reference number or file number. Courtesy the amount, the applicant can check the status of the visa application. The status is often checked through a web platform or by calling the authorities and providing them with the acknowledgment number.

It is noteworthy to say here that if the applicant misplaces the file number, he/she can get the status of the visa application using the passport number. While not all countries provide this facility, most countries are beginning to promote the checking of visa status using the passport number.

Note that it's going to take up to 72 hours for a response about eVisa status after submitting the application. For this reason, travelers are advised to submit their Egypt eVisa application a minimum of a couple of business days before their intended date of entry to avoid any last minute chaos.

Can I renew my eVisa for Egypt?

Once the validity of the eVisa for Egypt expires, travelers will either be required to renew their tourist visa or extend it so as to be ready to leave Egypt.

This can be wiped out one among two ways; either extend the visa in Egypt or leave the country to submit a replacement visa application online from abroad.

Renewing the Egypt tourist eVisa by submitting a replacement form is perhaps the foremost convenient option, as extending the visa in Egypt involves having to go to the Egyptian Passports, Immigration, and Nationality Administration office in Cairo face to face a minimum of twice.

If submitting a replacement application for an eVisa online, it's important to try to do so a minimum of 7 days before the planned return date to Egypt to permit a sufficient time interval.

To ensure that the applicant doesn't receive an email stating that the Egypt eVisa status is denied, it's necessary to make sure that the attached photograph meets the Egypt photo requirements and to double-check all of the knowledge on the new form is correct before being submitted.

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