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Applying for a visa is rather hard if you are going to try it on your own. This can become hard especially if you have no idea about the types of documents that you need to submit. This is why tourist visa online is here to help you with the application for Egypt visa. We will make sure that at each step you complete the process without any discrepancies occurring. So let’s take a quick look at the basic requirements you would want to make sure you have before you start the application:

List of requirements:

  1. A passport of the foreigner which has not passed the validity.
  2. A photo to be submitted
  3. Bookings that are done which includes a scan of flight tickets which are for both entrance and exit from the country and also the scanned copy of hotel bookings or an address proof of the place where the foreigner will stay once reached.
  4. An itinerary followed by the foreigner once they enter Egypt. However, this document can be skipped if hotel booking and flight tickets are shown.
  5. A letter which is an invitation from either a family member or a business company if your travel has been sponsored and if it has not been sponsored then there’s no need to show the letter.

This above-given list forms the basic requirements for an application. Make sure you keep them by your side while filling in the form as these are the documents that contain all the information that has to be uploaded in the application form.

Moving towards the application which is the main reason for this article let’s take a look at how to apply for a visa. The application process for most types of visas remains the same. However, you might have to add some additional documents with the changing of the visa type. For getting a detailed list of the documents you can take a look at the requirements for Egypt visa.

The application process can be given as below:

 Step 1: selecting the nationality of the foreigner:

When you first go to tourist visa online you will be facing a webpage where the nationality will be the first question on the page. All you have to do is enter the first letter of the country you belong to and then a drop-down list appears from which you can select the desired country of your choice. Make sure you select the country in both the blanks given on the headline of the page. Also if the country you are currently living in and the country you are a citizen of are different then select different options this will help us in providing you with a better service.

 Step 2: check the different types of visas available:

You will see a list of visas which have different information given along them. Read the whole information first and then select the one that will match your interest of travel. By far there are two options so be sure of which one do you need. Once you select it press on continue.

 Step 3: filling in and attachment:

This is the most crucial step as this is where you will be filling in most of the important information. Be sure they are accurate and valid and you make no mistake while filling them in. Also, attach the documents that have been requested.

 Step 4: check for payment mode:

Check if the given payment mode matches the one that you have in hand. If the list does not contain a payment mode that you want to access you may contact the helpline number to get help from our service center.

Step 5: keeping a track:

Once the payment is done you will get a mail and through this, the confirmation of your visa will be available. You can check for the progress of the visa throughout the procedure and keep yourself updated about it.

This completes the application process. That is with only about 5 steps you can easily finish the entire procedure!


Q. What should I do if there are about five of us who wish to go to Egypt and wants to apply for a visa?

If there is a group of you and your friends who wish to go to Egypt then all you need to do is fill all the information in one application form itself. As one application form can handle as many as 10 applicants.

Q. What should a foreigner do if he or she wants to go to Egypt?

Through the application for an Egypt visa, a foreigner can easily apply for a visa and go to Egypt

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