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Now there is good news for those countries’ nationals who can travel to Egypt without a visa! Egypt visa free countries allow some of the specified countries to get this advantage. This means that the countries nationals no more need to get a visa to visit Egypt. It was also stated by the government of Egypt that a foreigner who comes from abroad needs to get a visa unless they are from the already mentioned visa-exempt countries.

The countries whose nationals need not take a visa:

There are 9 countries whose names have been mentioned in the list. The list can be given as follows:

Bahrain Hong Kong Kuwait Macao Oman
Saudi Arabia UAE Malaysia Lebanon  

Lebanon: only at some airports such as at Borg El Arab Airport, Hurghada Airport, or Sharm el-sheik Airport. Apart from these airports if they arrive from any other then a visa will be needed.

All of the above-mentioned countries nationals can stay for 3 months, apart from Malaysia whose nationals can only stay for 14 days in Egypt.


Apart from the above-mentioned countries, there are other countries that can access these facilities however there will be some restrictions that need to be followed.

1. Afghanistan: 

The citizens of this country can access this facility provided that they are 50 years and above. Those kids who are of 16 years and below and are the nationals of this country can also access to this visa-free facility.

2. Algeria: 

The citizens of this country can access the visa-free facility only if they are 14 years and below this age.

3. China: 

The people of this nation can only get this facility if they have a return flight or they have an onward flight to the final destination or if they have a 4 star or equivalent hotel booking. They must also carry money which is equivalent to about 2000 US dollars. 

4. Libya: 

Only female nationals belonging to this country can get access to the visa-free facility. Those who are residents of Butnan district can also get this facility provided they travel to Egypt on Sundays and Mondays. 

5. Jordan: 

If the citizen of this nation holds a 5 years validity passport or does not contain a stamp on the passport from the Jordanian registration office then they can go to Egypt without a visa.

6. Lebanon:

Those who are 50 years and above or are 16 years and below can avail of this facility. However, those from Alexandria and south Sinai need not take a visa no matter what age group they are of.

7. Morocco: 

Those citizens who are below 14 years and below can only get a visa-free journey.

8. Sudan:

Either they are a female national or are of the 50 years and above or are 16 years and below.

9. South Sudan:

The above conditions apply to them as well.

10. Tunisia:

Those who are 14 years and below children can only go to Egypt visa-free.

11. Yemen: 

Apart from the conditions that they are 50 years and above or 16 years and below they can travel if they have any valid medical reasons to travel.

Countries whose nationals come as a group:

Apart from the above-mentioned countries, those people can also obtain visa-exempt travel given the following conditions:

  1. The group should hold a return ticket which has been confirmed
  2. Should have a booked accommodation in Egypt where the group will be staying.
  3. The group of people should have a signed guarantee letter from a travel agency.

Once the groups follow these conditions they do not need a visa. The following countries can avail of this facility:

Azerbaijan Barbados Belize China Costa Rica El Salvador
Guatemala Honduras India Jordan Kazakhstan Lebanon
Moldova Nicaragua Russia Saint Vincent Grenadine Turkey

Moldova: Except for those females who are aged from 15 to 35 years old.

Other categories with a visa-free pass:

The following categories also need not get a visa:

1. Children of Egyptian nationals:

Those sons and daughters of Egyptian nationals who do not live in Egypt can go to Egypt without a visa. But this excludes those living in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Qatar residents. However, if they have an Egyptian mother then only those children can enter who were born after the 25th of July 2004 except the children who were mentioned from the above-given countries.

2. Married to Egyptian nationals:

If the husbands and wives of the Egyptian nationals live abroad then they can go to Egypt without a visa provided they have a marriage certificate or any other document which proves that they are married. This exemption will however not be applicable to the nationals of Syria, Iraq, Morocco, and Qatar.

By following all of the conditions and rules that have been mentioned by the government of Egypt, the Egypt visa-free countries nationals can easily travel to Egypt.

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