Can you get married with a tourist visa in Egypt

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People from abroad hoping to marry an Egyptian citizen should study Egyptian family law and personal status laws beforehand. "Especially ladies, as their rights both as spouse and parent would be very different in Egypt from those in other countries."

Egypt’s new tourist marriage law requires a foreign man to deposit 50,000 Egyptian pounds in the name of his future wife within any commercial bank of Egypt, if the man marrying the Egyptian woman is of age 25 or more years younger than him.

Commonly referred to as the “tourist” or “Seasonal marriages” law, it's directed at non-Egyptian men vacationing within the country who marry girls much younger than their age. In many cases, the ladies are divorced by the end of the holiday.

Marrying in Egypt with a tourist visa

Egypt is growing as a marriage destination thanks to its excellent weather, historical beauty, and recognition with visitors of all nationalities. Just think - Egypt is home to the Nile, the incredible Valley of the Kings, and one among the Seven Wonders of the planet, what a tremendous country to urge married in.

Getting married abroad is often difficult if you are trying to do it on your own.

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Below are the legalities for marrying in Egypt on a tourist visa:

What are the legal requirements to urge marriage in Egypt?

Egypt Marriage Law Requirements:

  • Legal age for marriage is eighteen years for both men and ladies .
  • Bride and Groom might not be related by blood, marriage or adoption.
  • Two male witnesses with identity proof should be there.
  • Polygamy is allowed. Although 3% of Egyptian men have multiple wives, a law passed in 1985 allows a person to possess four wives.

In 2000, a replacement law was passed that allows a person and woman to agree via a signed contract that the husband might not have quite one wife.

  • Cousin Marriages are allowed

How long do I even have to be resident in Egypt before I can get married?

There are not any residency requirements however it'll take a minimum of 2 or 3 working days to rearrange the paperwork in Egypt before you'll marry.

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Getting a wedding license

If you have been divorced, you want to have any previous divorce papers legalized at the Legalisation Office before leaving the country.

Then you should have the legal papers translated into Arabic at the interpretation Department of the Egyptian Ministry of Justice in Cairo. you want to then take the translated papers to the embassy in Cairo to be legalized and united to the interpretation. This will be done at an equivalent time as making your statutory declaration.

What legal papers do I need to have with me? 

You must take the papers mentioned below to your embassy in Cairo before a consular official that you simply are liberal to marry.

  1. The statutory declaration is valid for 1 month.

Once your statutory declaration has been legalised you'll then take the papers below to the Notary Public’s Office at the Ministry of Justice in Cairo for a civil ceremony. The ceremony is going to be conducted in Arabic so you'll wish to bring an interpreter.

  1. Printout of your appointment confirmation.
  2. Your valid passport.
  3. If you were married before, then proof of termination of your last marriage(s). An ingenious or certified copy of the last divorce decree or death certificate must be submitted.

Also there is no need to get this translated into Arabic.

If you're a female of Egyptian origin under the age of 21, you're required to either have a written consent or accompanied by

  • your father,
  • a guardian,
  • a person in loco parentis

The consent should be in English and Arabic. And it should be certified by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Egypt.

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US Citizens Wishing to Marry in Egypt

Americans wishing to marry in Egypt must take the subsequent steps so as to marry:

Step 1: Visit the U.S. Embassy, American Citizen Services in Cairo or Alexandria.

Step 2: After obtaining the certificated statement from the U.S. Embassy, you will have to visit the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Cairo.

Step 3: You must visit the Egyptian Ministry of Justice in Cairo or Alexandria, after obtaining the certification from the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Ministry of Justice will register your marriage. Forms to be completed at the wedding court can only be obtained on the marriage day or the day before.

The following will be required:

  • Proof of identity (a passport) for both parties, two photocopies of the passport data page, the Egyptian entry visa and therefore the residency stamp
  • Two photocopies of Egyptian I.D. if one of them is Egyptian.
  • Five personal photos for every party.
  • As witnesses, two male witnesses must be present to sign the wedding documents with identification documents. you're required to bring your own witnesses, like friends or travel agents.
  • A Certified Translator
  • Evidence of termination of your previous marriage(s) in case you were married before. No authentication or translation is required.
  • A pre-marriage checkup at a government hospital is required for both parties.
  • Certificates are issued to the parties for submission to the wedding office.

It will take a minimum of ten business days for the Ministry of Justice to issue the certificate.

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