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Egypt, a country situated within the northeastern corner of Africa. Egypt's heartland, the Nile valley and delta, was the house of 1 of the old Middle East's vital civilizations. Egypt is best known for its pyramids which are one among the seven wonders of the planet . We've all heard about Egypt since we were kids.

People also attend the Red Sea coast and therefore the Sahara both of which are mesmerizing in their own ways. the foremost famous ancient site within the world, are the wonderful spellbounding pyramids of Giza. actually they appear even more magnificent than in pictures.

In the desert, typhoons produce dust storms or residue storms, called khamsins, which happen most as often from March to June.

Apply for Egypt visas

You can submit your application 24 hours each day , 7 days every week , online through our website Tourist visa online. To do that, you would like to possess your passport and hotel information at hand. If you've been to Egypt before, you furthermore may have to fill in the dates of arrival and departure of these trips. If you're travelling with a gaggle , you would like to use a visa for everybody directly with one form. Payments are often done through Visa, Mastercard, American Express or PayPal. You will then receive your Egypt visa by email.

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When to apply?

You can apply for your Egypt visa as soon as you've booked your flight ticket. you are going to have established a minimum of one overnight stay. you'll submit your application whenever you would like , but granting only takes place starting 30 days from the date of arrival filled in on the appliance form. If you submit your application earlier, it'll therefore be placed on hold until 30 days before arrival. From the instant of granting, the validity period starts directly.

Documents for Egypt Visa application

Below are the documents required for Egypt visa application:

Original passport:

  • Passport should be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date of submission of the visa, with a minimum of two blank pages
  • Two copies of the primary and last page of your passport
  • Confirmed return air tickets
  • The visa form duly filled and signed by the applicant
  • 2 recent coloured passport-size photographs taken against a white background
  • Covering letter mentioning the small print of the travel and therefore the traveler
  • No objection letter from the present employer
  • If you're self-employed: registration of the company/ partnership deed/ Memorandum of Article (MOA) is required

Additional Documents Required

  • Students traveling with their parents need to provide a Bonafide Certificate stating the small print of his school/college.
  • Marriage Certificate will need to be provided as deemed by the Consulate.

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Types of Visa:


All eligible citizens are allowed to apply for the eVisa for Egypt online. The web visa to Egypt is merely available to citizens of certain countries.

More countries could also be added to the list within the future. If your country isn't on this list, contact your nearest Egyptian embassy or consulate to seek out how you'll apply for a standard tourist visa.

Information about eVisa

The official Egypt eVisa is out there as a one or multiple-entry visa. The single-entry visa permits one entry and allows visitors to remain in Egypt for a maximum of 30 days.

The multiple-entry visa allows tourists to enter as many times as they want, over a period of 180 days. There's no maximum number of entries but the entire number of days per stay cannot exceed 30.

To apply for multiple/single entry eVisa, the applicants need to fill the web visa form ( also available on Tourist Visa online) and pay the required fee. Applicants should apply a minimum of 7 days before their trip.

Approved eVisas are sent by email once they have been processed. Travelers got to print a replica of their eVisa to present at the Egyptian border to realize entry into the country.

Visa on Arrival

The Egyptian visa on arrival is available for eligible tourists.

As long as the traveler holds a legitimate passport issued and complies with the visa conditions, they're going to be ready to apply for a visa upon arrival in Egypt.

How to Get a Visa on Arrival

The process of obtaining an Egypt visa on arrival for US citizens is the same as that in other countries. The sole difference is that nationals of certain EU states (including Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, and Portugal) can prefer to show their national ID card rather than their passport. Therein case, they're going to also provide passport-size photographs.

As the name suggests, this type of visa can be issued as soon as the traveler reaches the Egyptian territory and hasn’t applied for a visa beforehand. Once they arrive, the Egyptian officials will queue them at the relevant visa desk at the airport before guiding them to the immigration office.

Visa will be granted by the officers from Egyptian borders and they'll mark a visa sticker to a blank page in your traveler passport. That's why the passport needed to enter Egypt must include a minimum of 2 blank pages

The Egyptian visa on arrival is available at several entry points throughout the country which once granted, the visa on arrival will allow international travelers to remain in Egypt for up to 30 days. The visa on arrival is additionally a single-entry visa.

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Since its implementation, the Egypt eVisa has been the easiest option for those willing to visit the country for a short stay. However, it's still possible to get an Egyptian Visa on Arrival.

Before the introduction of the new electronic visa, the Egypt tourist visa on arrival was a simple thanks to obtain a visa to enter Egypt. That's because travelers didn't need to worry about applying for his or her visa before departure and just needed to form a bound to bring the specified documents and application fee with them on the plane.

Apply Egypt Visa

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