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Getting a visa is quite easy if you have the wanted requirements in your hand. For the requirements to be complete you need to make a list of requirements for Egypt visa. A journey to Egypt is left void without the visa which means you cannot enter Egypt until and unless you get a visa, well, this might not be the case if you are already from a visa exempted country. So for those who are required to carry a visa let’s look at the wanted documents for each type of visa.

Documents required for an Egypt tourist visa:

Starting with the most famous type of visa that people apply for, the Egypt tourist visa, which is a 30-day visa which has a validity of total 90 days within which you can enter the country. The documents required for the same can be given as follows:

1. Passport:

Passport is the first and the most important document no matter where you go and if you need a visa or not. Without this document, you might not get an entry in a foreign country. This passport of the foreigner must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Must have a validity of more than 6 months right from the entry date into the country.
  • Must have two pages left blank for the stamping of visa onto the passport.
  • Must not have any torn or old pages that have marks.

The above conditions put in a nutshell means that the passport must have no damages and should be as good as new.

2. An application form:

This can be an online application form that has been filled or a paper application form that has to be submitted at the embassy. In either of the cases, the application form must be entirely completed without leaving any blank spaces or leaving out any relevant information. 

3. Passport-sized photographs:

A passport-sized photograph must be submitted. It can either be a scanned copy or it can be a hard copy that can be submitted at the embassy. 

4. Copy of bookings:

This copy of bookings can include both the hotel and flight bookings. Be sure to get the confirmed tickets and hotel bookings only. If it is still undergoing confirmation then do not present it while filling in the form.

5. A letter of invitation:

This letter of invitation has to be submitted by those individuals whose travel has been sponsored by one of the citizens of Egypt. This means that the citizen of Egypt has taken over all of the responsibility regarding the tourist coming to visit Egypt. This letter can either be from a friend or a family member. However, if the travel is not sponsored then the requirement for this letter is not needed.

Documents required for an Egypt business visa:

The following documents will help in the completion of the procedure of a business visa application.

1. Passport: Passport must have the same 6 months’ worth of validity. The passport must also mention the foreigners’ whole details which include the age and the other personal details.

2. An application form: The form must be filled in with the appropriate information and must be completed entirely. If it is found to be incomplete there might be a case of form rejection taking place.

3. Business letter: A business letter must be submitted which confirms that the foreigner has secured a job at a company in Egypt. The business letter must also mention the exact occupation, the designation, and the purpose of the visit. The letter will also include the time within which the foreigner will be staying in Egypt.

4. Photographs: Passport-sized photographs of the foreigner going to Egypt must be submitted. This photograph must not be more than 6 months old before the application submission.

Documents required for an Egypt student visa:

The documents required for an Egypt student visa for those international students who wish to study in Egypt are the same as those mentioned in the tourist visa section with an exception of the student acceptance letter. This letter is given by the university located in Egypt mentioning the acceptance of the student into the university. This has to be submitted in order to get a student visa. Not obtaining one will lead to the cancellation of the application form.

With the documents being stated in detail one can easily apply for the visa.


Q. Will there be additional documents apart from the ones mentioned in the article to be given at the embassy if I decide to apply through the embassy?

The documents list for the embassy application form might be a bit longer and complicated than the one given here. Which means additional documents such as yellow fever certificate might have to be submitted to the embassy. 

Q. What if a student who wants to study in Egypt does not have a student acceptance letter?

A student who wishes to study in Egypt and does not have a student acceptance letter can go to Egypt on a tourist visa and get one while you are there. After which the student can enter on a student visa. The student can also take a look at the requirement for an Egypt visa to get a full idea. 

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