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Egypt is one of the most popular tourist destinations spot in North Africa. The pyramids of Giza never fail to amaze us. Sphinx is another wonder which attracts more tourists towards it. ‘Gift of Nile’ is famous for its massiveness and beauty. People go to the Red Sea Coast and the Sahara Desert, the biggest desert. Sand dunes are a different attraction. Egypt is mesmerizing in its own ways. Hearing about all these things and the beauty of Egypt, you must never miss to visit this place. So for visiting Egypt, you might be thinking that where and how should you get the visa. You will need to apply for the visa to Egypt. You can apply for the visa by going to the embassy then or you can apply for the visa by online website though tourist visa online. Tourist Visa Online helps to apply and process for the Online eVisa to Egypt and will provide you with the best content and services. You can contact us without any hesitation and at any time of the day. We will be happy to provide you with all kinds of details and information you need while you are applying for the visa to Egypt

Types of Visas available for visiting Egypt 

Tourist Visa

The visa is for those people who are planning to go to Egypt for travel and tour purposes. People who want to visit Egypt to meet their friends and family, they can also opt for this visa. The people who have opted for the visa need to leave the country as soon as the visa date expires. There are two types of visas – Single Entry Visa and Multiple Entry Visa. Both the visa types are valid for 30 days. If a person over stays, then he or she will have to face the consequences accordingly.


Business Visa

This visa is mainly issued to those professionals and other businessman who want to visit Egypt in order to set up a new business or to grow visibility and awareness of his or her own business. Even ambassadors of a particular company can also opt for this business visa. The officials who have to visit Egypt for their work-related activities as sent by their respective countries.

Transit Visa

This visa is mainly issued to those persons who want to visit Egypt in emergency cases. The validity period of the visa is 3 days or 72 hours. This is also used by those people who are planning to visit the Egypt Airport only for waiting on the to board another flight to another neighbouring place or other country. Simply, this is used by the people for a layover in the airport. You will first need to go to the Embassy of Egypt to apply for the visa. You can not overstay while you are applying for this visa. 

Emergency Visa 

This visa is used only at the time if a person loses or gets his passport or Identity Card stolen when he or she is already in Egypt. It is not always needed to apply for an emergency visa or a replacement visa. If you are in great need then please contact the consulate or the embassy for the visa. 


Documents required for applying an emergency visa to Egypt

There is a list of important documents that you need while you are applying for the visa to Egypt.

  • You need a complete application form that you had already filled for the application for the visa to Egypt. 
  • You Should definitely say and give the declaration form along with your signs that your travel document is missing. 
  • You should also show the proof that you are a tourist you cannot postpone your visit to Egypt for any purposes and that you are in need of an emergency. 
  • You Should also show your onward ticket bookings of the transport you are travelling through maybe a plane or a any other forms of transport. 
  • If it is possible for you, then you can bring the photocopy of the lost or the stolen passport. 
  • You should also bring with you the other required documents that are required for application for an emergency visa to Egypt. 
  • If you had a complaint against your stolen passport, then you can bring the police statement where it will be verified that your passport is actually stolen and that you are in need of an emergency visa


Processing Time for the Emergency Visa

There processing time for the emergency visa is generally 1 to 3 working days. But now if the ministry of foreign affairs decides that You really need a new passport, then the processing time will be a bit longer than usual. 

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