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No matter where you will be heading to, budget is an important thing to follow! Some might think budgets can be easily fulfilled while for others it is an actual pain they have to go through. But now that you will come to know about the Egypt visa fees through an online method you can easily weigh your options and get the one that is best for you!

Before taking a look at the budget let’s just go through a short requirement list that you might have to keep ready so that you do not lag in the process.

Passports for Egypt:

When you take your passport while going to Egypt, you might have to probably make sure that the validity is more than six months as if this validity turns out to be less than the wanted date then renewal becomes important. Without this renewal, you might not be able to get a visa. Also, those people who come from the other countries apart from European nations and the United States of America will possibly have to register at the police in Egypt one week before their arrival. You might also be asked to present your visas and passports when you reach the hotel that you have booked to stay at.

Visas and its validity:

As far as a visa is considered some might have to obtain one and the other might not have to get one. This means there is a chance of confusion among the people who needs the visa and for this to be cleared out, you will have to take a look at whether you require a visa or not. This will help you save time and money. Because if it’s not important for you to get a visa then there’s probably no need to take one and go to Egypt.

 While the validity for the visa is for 90 days you might only be able to stay for 30 days in total in Egypt and this is why you need to plan your trip accordingly.

Now that you’ve got to know about the visa and passport requirements we might as well, take a look at the price range for a visa. You can have two options and they can be listed as below:

1. Single entry visa:

This single-entry tourist visa is processed at Tourist Visa Online at a cost of 50.0 US dollars and will also have some additional service charges. This will be according to the nationals that have been selected. You can get this visa in a matter of 4 to 5 days provided that there are no public holidays or any other emergency shutdown happening during that period. One thing to be kept in mind is that this visa will give you only entry of a single time and this means once you exit you can never re-enter on the same visa. So while entering Egypt you might want to keep that in mind.

2. Multiple entry visas:

A multiple entry visa which is a tourist visa for Egypt is also available for the foreigners who will be visiting Egypt. The only difference in the previous and this one would be the number of entries. While with that type of visa you can enter only a single time, here in this type you can literally leave the country and come back no matter how many times you want to. The price is also different as this visa will allow a lot of entries. The cost of this visa as processed by Tourist Visa Online is 85.0 US dollars. This visa, however, will have the same validity that is a validity period of 90 days and a stay period 30 days. This visa will be processed in 4 to 5 days provided the above-stated conditions do not occur.


Q. Is there an availability of an urgent Egypt visa for foreigners who want it?

As far as urgent cases are considered Tourist Visa Online will also process urgent Egypt visas which will be provided to the foreigners in about 2 days matter but there will be an additional service charge of 200.0 US dollars apart from the basic visa fee.

Q. Will the multiple entries mean that no new visa is required each time I enter the country?

Yes no matter how many times you enter the country in this case Egypt, you will not be needed to take a new visa provided that you will have this multiple entry access only for a month’s period of time.

Q. Will the charge of the Egypt visa applied for a child be lesser than that applied for an adult?

No matter you are taking for a child or an adult the service fee and the visa fee remains the same. There will be no changes regarding it.

Q. Why is it that a visa takes about 4 to 5 days to be processed?

The Egypt visa not only needs to be verified by us, but it also needs to be verified by the government which might take time. This is the reason it takes about 4 to 5 days to complete the visa processing.

Now that you have got two Egypt Visa fee options that you can acquire from Tourist Visa Online. You can now easily get a visa by just tapping on the link mentioned above!

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